Facebook Changes and You Should Too. Spread the Word!

In today’s “Watch Me Wednesday,” Likeable CEO Dave Kerpen discusses the recent changes in Facebook's layout. August 23rd is the day! Facebook tab widths will be changing from 760 pixels wide to 520 pixels. Facebook has been warning users this change would take place for quite some time, and we’ve been anxiously waiting for them to flip the switch. As part of this change, the content that can be included on tabs has shrunk drastically, altering the look of Facebook Pages and cutting off images of Pages not prepared for the pixel change. Also affected with this news is the Boxes feature. Boxes will no longer exist either within their own tabs or featured on the left of the Wall. So what does this mean for all of you Page admins out there? First and foremost, make sure any information you have in Boxes is moved to their own tabs, and make sure to change all your pixel widths to 520. Any boxes not moved to their own tab will no longer be accessible and any pixel widths over 520 will make images appear cut off. If you have any questions about the changes, as always, feel free to post on our Wall at @ http://Facebook.com/LikeableMedia or tweet us @ http://Twitter.com/LikeableMedia

Have you prepared for the change?