Foursquare Turns 3 Million

By: Mallorie Rosenbluth

In the wake of Facebook Places, it seems congratulations are in order for the current reigning location-based social network. This past weekend, Foursquare hit 3 million users!

Compared to the 500 million users Facebook houses, 3 million seems like small potatoes. But let’s not forget the 2 million user announcement was made just last month.

So just how fast is this network growing? Co-founder Dennis Crowley says the site is adding 180,000 users every 10 days. And the launch of Facebook Places doesn’t seem to be slowing Foursquare’s numbers at all. Crowley also reported the company having its biggest day for signups following Facebook’s announcement.

What is an appropriate way to celebrate 3 million users? With a behemoth ad taking over Times Square, of course. With the help of American Eagle, who owns the space and whose own Foursquare deal is promoted on the display, Foursquare is not-so-subtly introducing itself to everyone who walks through the famous NYC spot. The towering, three-tiered billboard boasts, “Check in, Find your friends, Unlock your city.”

And that’s not all. Foursquare is also promising to release a new version sometime soon and unrolled a new feature that might put sites like out of commission. The Am I Mayor Yet? feature tells users who are within 10 check-ins from stealing the mayorship just how many more visits they need to oust the current mayor and rule over a location.

Not bad Foursquare! We here at Likeable are excited to see what else you have in store for users.

What are you looking forward to seeing from Foursquare in the future?