How Has Social Media Made Your Company More Likeable?

If you haven’t heard yet, Likeable Media recently announced that we had become the first MarCom agency to hit 10,000 fans on Facebook. To send a huge thanks to all of our fans, we are having 10 days of giveaways! You can win awesome prizes from our clients, and even an iPad!Social Media has become a necessity for every business, and we are glad to help your company or organization. In today’s video, Dave asks how social media has made companies more “likeable.” Here is what a few of you have said in our giveaway so far:

- Diana Nogueria: “ By giving me (us) the power to directly communicate with our customers, learn their needs and wants and develop better products and services based on their feedback.” - Hilary Chandler: “I get most of my business from Facebook! Friends post pictures of my products or I post my latest blog entry, people share it, their friends see it in their feed or on their wall and they click through to my site!” - Jack Friedman: “Facebook & Twitter has given us exposure to a new, younger market. It has also allowed us to promote our organization, and more importantly, our member’s organizations.” - Emily Ambash: “I work for a non-profit that benefits from a rich social media presence and a network that allows us to engage our membership through the internet.” - Ron Amram: “Social Media has created an emotional feedback loop with our customers...So we can address their feedback quickly, improve products in the future, and continue to add those elements that surprise and delight consumers, making them not just customers but advocates.

How has your company or organization become more likeable due to social media? Answer now in our giveaway and you can be the next winner!