4 Facebook Tune-ups You May Have Missed

By Cara Friedman Over the past few days Facebook has been implementing new features that range from insights to browser tab notifications. As we know, Facebook is constantly changing and as much as we fight it, we seem to always adapt! Check out what new features Facebook is bringing us this time.

Browser Tab Notifications

Your browser tab now shows the combined number of new notifications, friend requests, and messages you have received. Even while multitasking, you can be kept up to date with your Facebook activity. Having a red number pop up wasn't enough. Users can now be notified of all new activity even if they are on a different tab.


Facebook has given insights a makeover and has taken monitoring your page to the next level. According to Facebook you will now receive "detailed analytics about the demographics of your users and how users are sharing from your application." In other words, you can not only track what is going on with your fan page, but you can now track what happens to links once they are shared. For those of you not quite ready for the change, Facebook does allow you to go back to the old insights page and view your fan page's progess that way.

Page Categorization

In the past when you 'liked' a new page it would show up on your wall for all your friends to see. In addition to saying what page it is you liked, it now includes the categorization of that page as well. For example, instead of just saying that I liked 'Cumberland Farms Chill Zone' it will also include that it is a Food/Beverage company I just liked. This can help your friends understand what pages you are liking and could possibly create more click throughs.


Not only did Facebook improve the way to upload photos, but they also changed the layout of albums. You no longer have to sift through pages and pages of photos but instead just scroll down to view them all at once. It also includes all the details of the album at the bottom including the description, the people who have been tagged in the album, the location, user comments, and the last time the album was updated.

Facebook is a company that has never been afraid of change. For better or for worse the company will keep updating their site and I know for certain that more Facebook changes will soon come!

What do you think of Facebook's latest changes? Share your thoughts in the comments!