Likeable Social Media, the Book: 18 Ways to Better Use Facebook

By. Dave Kerpen In this week’s Watch Me Wednesday video, I have some exciting news. I just signed a book deal with McGraw-Hill! The book is tentatively titled Likeable Social Media: Marketing to Win in a Facebook World, and will be released in May 2011. I’ll be explaining, in depth, how to use social media for your business, using tons of real life examples. Many of our clients are going to be cited in the book, but in typical social media fashion,  I’d like to use some crowd-sourcing and hear from YOU! Please take a look at these 18 chapter titles from the book, and if you or any of your clients has an appropriate case study which demonstrates one of the principles below, I'd love to hear your story. Of course, any case studies used will reference you personally as well as your agency and/or company (and you'll get some free copies of the book!) Please send responses to

1. Listen First 2. Define Your Target Audience Better Than Ever Before 3. Think Like a Consumer 4. Convert Your Current Customers to Become Fans First 5. Engage! 6. Respond Quickly to All of the Bad Comments 7. Respond to the Good Comments Too 8. Be Authentic 9. Be Transparent 10. Should You Ask a Lot of Questions? 11. Provide Value 12. Share Stories 13. Inspire Your Customers to Share Stories 14. Integrate Facebook into the Entire Customer Experience 15. Use Social Ads Carefully & Efficiently 16. Admit When You F—K Up – & then Leverage It 17. Consistently Deliver Value, Excitement & Delight 18. Sell