Quit Your Job* And Go Viral!

By Adrian Molina *We at Likeable do not promote severing ties with your employer in a obnoxious manner with hopes of becoming the latest internet craze but if you do choose to do so and are highly interested in a career in social media please do check out our Buzz Builder Page.

This past Tuesday it seemed as if the unemployment percentage rose just a tad bit in lieu of two pubically documented “exits of employment”. With the help of social media both personalities have become viral and topics of conversation.  Here is a quick rundown of those who built their resume in a viral fashion:

Steve Slater:

If you are already not aware of the Legend of Steve Slater put down your Sony CD Player while I break it down: Steve Slater, a Jet Blue flight attendant, had an argument with a passenger on the tarmac at JFK International Airport. In a fit of rage, he took hold of the plane’s PA system and proceeded to spew obscenities to the passengers. After his hashtag worthy tirade he activated the plane's inflatable emergency slide, grabbed two beers, and exited on the slide in what could have been the most epic twitpic ever.

While traditional media reported the story for the facts, social media made Steve Slater into a hero. While I cannot give concrete facts on his personal Facebook page, a public figure page created for Steven Slater  currently has over 179,000 likers. The most recent post to the page stating “Has Steve inspired you to consider going out with a creative bang in your own job or do you feel he has made the point for all of us?” has yielded over 1,000 comments.

Twitter erupted when the news broke making the story and the hero a trending topic right alongside Inception (how long has that been trending anyway, can we move on?). Wednesday August 11th was the peak of the trend propelling Steven Slater to internet fame.

Tweeters are also utilizing the #steveslater hashtag as a way to show disdain for their job and appreciation for the man who slid right out of his (oh, pun intended).

Jenny DryErase a.k.a Elyse Porterfield a.k.a HPOA:

Ironically, around the same time of the Steve Slater incident, the story of a young woman then dubbed “Jenny DryErase” made rounds on the internet. Jenny announced that she was quitting her job through a series of messages written on dry erase boards, which she photographed and e-mailed out to her entire office of roughly 20 employees. The boards pubically outed Spencer, her boss, for his weekly time spent on Farmville. It seemed an attractive young woman and a creative way for quitting was a win-win to go viral. The slideshow was the number 1 topic on digg with 7475 diggs,  also touting over 9,000 Facebook shares and over 2500 retweets from mashable.com alone. The internet fell in love with Jenny and adorable penmanship.

Unfortunately, (and heartbreaking in my case) Jenny and her creative departure was an elaborate hoax concocted by famous prank website thechive.com. Jenny is actually Elyse Porterfield, an aspiring actress from Colorado. She confirmed the stunt from her official twitter page.

So the moral of the story is if you plan to quit your job, take a step back and ask yourself: Can I depart in a fashion that would give me virility? Do I know someone with a Dry Erase Board? And Where is the closest inflatable slide?

How has social media helped you with your employment situation?