Three Ways Foursquare Has Improved the User Experience

Thanks to some key changes Foursquare has rolled out recently, it is now even easier to see how many nights you've been out on the town, tips on what to order at a new restaurant, and who's the person to oust as mayor of your favorite bar. Below are three awesome new changes to Foursquare:

1) Cleaner Profile Pages-The new profile pages allow users to easily see key stats on any user, even if they aren't a friend.  The Days Out, Number of Check-ins and Things Done are clearly defined as well as the badges, tips, to-dos and mayorships.

2) Spruced Up Venue Pages-The new venue pages allow businesses the chance to really show off their popularity and give users a lot more value when they check out a venue page. Venue Pages now place more emphasis on tips, clearly illustrate stats on Check-ins, total check-ins to a given location and the number of people who have checked-in. A box also features the mayor and how many check-ins they have, which makes it very easy for mayor-wannabes to plot their takeover!

Unclaimed Venue Pages will now feature an orange banner along the top of the page that makes it even easier to claim the venue.

3) Naming your Hometown- This feature is brand new and allows users to show their hometown pride. The feature is also a great way for users with a common name to distinguish themselves.  When this feature went live, about a week ago, Users' hometowns were automatically set to the last place they checked-in. If you are looking to edit it, the location can be easily changed by logging into your account settings. Your hometown will appear as your location in public searches, while your friends will see both your hometown and your current location.

One other hot feature rumored to be coming to Foursquare is an increased gaming element modeled after the beloved "Choose your Own Adventure" books of our childhood.  Stay tuned for more news on this in the coming months!

What changes have you noticed to Foursquare in recent months?  Let us know in the comments what features you are hoping will come to Foursquare!