Tackles & Tweets: Leveraging Social Media Within Fantasy Football

By Adrian Molina

Much to excitement of many (and dismay to significant others) football season kicks off tonight! While Sundays are booked in most fan's calendars, the activities of a hardcore Fantasy Football manager may stretch to the whole week. Luckily, the days of sifting through countless sports publications have seen an upgrade through social media that even the casual tweeter can have the edge in any fantasy league. Here are some recommendations on how to leverage social media to fully optimize your fantasy football season.

Player Tracking

Twitter is a great tool for receiving up to the date information in regards to injuries and trades. When Jets Cornerback Darelle Revis agreed to sign on for the 2010 season, it was a trending topic before ESPN reported the whole story. This information dramatically affected fantasy drafts and made the Jets defense a worthy pick.

Even following your favorite players could offer insight on whether to start them for you next fantasy game or not. My starting fantasy wide receiver (Bodega Bandits FTW!) Chad Ochocinco is an avid tweeter and is not afraid to tell his followers if he is feeling a little off during a work out or if he is feeling extra confident for a game.

Expert Advice

There are several blogs that are focused around the Fantasy Football season that offer expert opinions on who you should have on your starting roster in the coming weeks. They also offer weekly power rankings which could factor in when discussing trades with othermanagers in your league.

My personal favorite is the Fantasy Football Geek Blog, a site that not only reports on and off the field matters but also allows a reader to interact with the writers to gain further insight.

Smack Talking

As much as winning, Fantasy Football team managers love to gloat their victories. While the usual smack talking is contained on a league’s discussion board, hardcore “sore winners” take their banter to YouTube for the whole world to witness. While a YouTube Fantasy rant may be an inside joke to your league, You Tube’s 2 Billion daily views offer the possibility of your smack talking becoming viral.

How has social media optimized your Fantasy(or Real) Sports Experience?