The New Twitter In Photos

By Cara Friedman

Since the announcement of the New Twitter we have all been anxiously awaiting for it to kick in. Over the next several weeks we will all be experiencing major changes to our Twitter accounts. While some of us can wait patiently, others cannot! Some of us have even signed up for applications that direct message you the second the New Twitter is activated on your account. In order to get ready for this big change, here are the newest features Twitter will be offering.


Your homepage contains all the same information as before. It is now presented to you in a different layout. While this new layout is visually appealing, your background space has been shrunk significantly. This makes it extremely difficult to include branding on your pages. The page itself is looking more and more like Facebook's news feed. It just goes to show how all the social networking sites take the best features of each and try to incorporate it onto their own site.

Clicking on Tweeps

When you click on a tweep you will still have your Twitter feed open on the left. On the right the information of that tweep will show up. You can see their followers, who is following them, their bio, etc. You can also see some of their most recent tweets. You can click further to view their full profile.

Clicking on the Tweet

When you click on the tweet itself it won't bring you to that person's profile. Instead it will open to the right with a list of that tweep's most recent tweets. Just like when clicking on the person, the left will still have your Twitter feed open for your viewing.

What's Happening?

The "What's happening?" box is still located on the top but is now much smaller. You can also find your mentions, retweets, and lists on top now. A new addition is the searches tab. This can be extremely useful if Twitter allows the capability for saved searches.

What Your Tweet Looks Like

Your tweets have become so much more complex. You have your tweet, followed by an image, and ending with your location. Maybe Twitter is following in the footsteps of Foursquare and Facebook Places by adding the map to your location. This displays the location of the tweet much more prominently than in the past.


In the past you would have to click on the TwitPic to view the photo. With Twitter's new tweet layout, the picture gets displayed right in the tweet. This is a feature we have already seen on the Twitter app for your phone, but now they have incorporated it into the site as well.


One of the most exciting new features is the capability to include videos in your tweets. When you have a YouTube link in your tweet, you video will display below. Being able to embed videos will enrich your tweets. Multimedia is extremely viral and can help your tweets be shared more.


Jumping on the location-based application bandwagon, Twitter is making their locations more prominent by adding a Google Map image. This could possibly encourage people to include their location in their tweets.

Flickr Integration

The New Twitter allows for excellent Flickr integration. When you post a Flickr photoset, the album becomes displayed under the tweet in thumbnails. They also provide a slideshow on the bottom of the tweet as well. This is much more enriching than a simple TwitPic. The next time your business wants to post images, I'm sure you'll think twice about choosing Flickr over other photo sharing sites. The Flickr capabilities on Twitter could create more buzz for the site.


The New Twitter has some great, helpful keyboard shortcuts. In case you don't feel like clicking the star to 'favorite' a tweet or using your mouse to scroll down the page, Twitter offers one key shortcuts to make your Twitter experience even easier!

Twitter is answering the cries of those critics who complain of the "restricting" 140 character limitation. A tweet may be worth 140 characters but a picture is worth a thousand words. Now with multimedia enriching our tweets, the content is more engaging and more likeable.

Are you prepared for the Twitter changes? What are your favorite features of the New Twitter? Share your thoughts in the comments!