3 Unique Foursquare Promos to Watch

By Amy Slife With the proliferation of check-in based, location sharing tools like foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla and Loopt, we’re seeing a creative and unusual variety of marketing promotions and initiatives pop-up.  Below we’ve detailed three fun, and original, foursquare promos/initiatives that are worth a second look.

  1. The foursquare Chicago Mayoral Race. In this fun and quite unique promo, a digital marketing firm is providing Chicago residents with a chance to snag the real-world Chicago mayor’s office for the 2011 election. Residents of the Windy City can check into the designated “City of Chicago – Mayoral HQ” until November 1 when the current mayor will be named winner. The foursquare mayor will be supplied with a team of marketers that will provide all of the necessary marketing support to place the foursquare mayor on the real live ballot for the mayoral election in February 2011. We’ve already seen social media revolutionize election campaigns, but could a foursquare mayor become the real deal mayor of Chicago? We’ll have to wait a little longer to see how this one unfolds.
  2. Foursquare Merit Based Badges & a Move Beyond the Standard Check-in. Gone are the days of giving yourself a gold star sticker for good work, in a move beyond the general check-in at X, Y or Z location to get badges model, foursquare is now awarding badges for actual achievements and completion of tasks, like exercise and healthier living. In two recent partnerships with the app RunKeeper and the game Health Month, the location-based check-in concept is expanding to allow users to share more than just their location, but also their accomplishments and activities. Two things that don’t require actual check-ins. The RunKeeper partnership rewards users using the RunKeeper app, an app that provides the tracking and sharing of workouts. Users are awarded badges for completing challenges related to exercise i.e. a 5K badge or a Marathon badge.  In the case of the partnership with the game Health Month, users are awarded badges for committing to better living for a month timeframe based on rules and challenges they set for themselves and go head-to-head with other Health Month users in their bracket. With more of a game interface, users complete a daily scorecard to log their satisfaction in meeting their self identified rules. If the user makes it through their bracket, they score a Health Month specific foursquare merit badge for their hard work and dedication towards healthier living.
  3. Conan Scores a Badge and Blimp. With his return to late night TV only a mere four or so weeks away, Conan is scoring big and creatively by integrating entertainment marketing with the foursquare scene. In a promotion of blimp-sized proportions, literally, Team Coco fans, and any other foursquare lovers who want to score a special foursquare badge, are awarded such an opportunity throughout the month of October. The challenge isn’t spotting the promo given it is a bright orange blimp. It is being in the right place at the right time since you have to check-in to the blimp, which will be floating up and down the east coast throughout the month of October, to score the Conan foursquare badge. What better way to grab the attention of anyone with their eyes to the sky and give a special, and I suspect to be highly coveted, reward for all of the early adopting Team Coco supporters out there?

What are your thoughts on these three unique foursquare marketing initiatives? Is a foursquare mayor getting the chance to make it on a real ballot, achievement based badges and the integration of entertainment marketing with location-based technology the way of the social media future? Are there any fun and unusual foursquare utilizing marketing promotions that you’ve seen recently? Share with us in the comments below!