Are You Trendy Enough? An Inside Look Into Trending Topics

This Friday’s blog comes from Guest Blogger, Barbara Gossin . Barbara is one of our Fall buzz builders and plans to give an inside look into Twitter's Trending Topics. Anyone with a Twitter page can simply look to the right of their screen and see the Trending Topics.  According to the Twitter glossary, a Trending Topic is “a subject algorithmically determined to be one of the most popular on Twitter at the moment.” Who knew twitter was so good at math?  A Trending Topic is a quick peek into what’s hot, happening and, well, trendy.

At first glance this feature is automatically set to “World Wide” but they also have the capabilities to be localized. If one in New York isn’t curious about the Twitter happenings in Spain or Florida, they can go into the feature and localize it to their city. Not all cities are available but the most populated ones are all there. Setting your Trending Topics to your city can be extremely beneficial at times.  Maybe there is a major city event that you otherwise wouldn’t have known about or a local political figure may have made headlines.  Localizing your Trending Topics can keep you up-to-date on what tweeters geographically near you care about.

A popular way to have fun with Trending Topics is through a hashtag.  Many Trending Topics are phrases that start with a # and contain no spaces (examples: #thingsweusedtodoaskids or #badconversationstarters).  Tweeters join the conversation with their answer and their tweet is added to the story.

Jimmy Fallon, in an attempt to see how far a hashtag could go, tweeted this:

In no time #thatwouldbeawesome was trending world wide.

Trending Topics are not only fun for joining conversations, but they also demonstrate the power of Twitter. Twitter is one of the fastest ways to get information. Trending Topics let us know what everyone is talking about at that exact second. For example, when Sarah Palin resigned from being the Governor of Alaska, "Sarah Palin" was a Trending Topic before the press conference even officially aired. This allowed Twitter users be the first to know!

So, are you trendy enough to join the Trending Topics on twitter?  All it takes to join the conversation is an opinion and a tweet!  What would you like to see as the next big Trending Topics? Share your thoughts in the comments!