Does Your Business TRULY Have Likeable Business Practices?

In today's Watch Me Wednesday, Dave asks whether your business is truly likeable. As the world becomes more transparent, your business could be doing an amazing job engaging your audience on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. However, brands sometimes do things that aren't likeable offline. When a brand advocate is waiting on hold for 45 minutes or waiting for a response, that is not a likeable business practice.  Recurring charges that you are not able to eventually get rid of is also a NON likeable business practice. Same thing goes for online: When a customer is waiting for a response on a social media network for an extended period of time, that also is NOT a likeable business practice.

So again, as the world becomes more transparent thanks to social media, does your business TRULY have likeable business practices throughout the WHOLE organization?  Post a response and let us know how likeable YOUR business practices are!