Facebook Updates Groups, Adds Data Portability, And More!

By Bronson Arcuri and Cara Friedman Is there anything Facebook can't do? After Facebook's live announcement yesterday afternoon, we at Likeable are beginning to believe that the answer to that questions is NO! Over the past few weeks we have all been experiencing small changes to things such as Facebook Chat, Facebook Places, and Facebook Ads. None of these compare with Facebook's newest additions of new Groups and Data Portability. Here's a closer look at the features Facebook announced yesterday at the live press conference:

New Groups

Facebook’s biggest announcement of the day was the changes they made to Facebook Groups. The Groups feature now provides users with a quick way to organize and communicate with small groups of their friends. It also allows users to post photos, comments, and messages to the groups' shared space. Facebook's new Groups will now be featured on your side bar. They are easily accessible and come with a ton of great new capabilities. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Group feature is that members will be able to work together on documents. Whether you are using it internally for your company or creating a study group for school, groups are a great way to communicate and transfer files in a convenient way. Another noteworthy feature of Groups is the group chat option. Chatting with your group is easy and fun!

Data Portability

We all backup our computer files on a regular basis in order to store our information in more than one location. Now, you can do the same with all your Facebook information! The feature was specifically designed to be easy to use. A user simply starts the process, then when the data is ready they can download their profile info, videos, friends list, and maybe most notably, all the photos they’ve been tagged in. For the average user, this means any photo they upload will be easier than ever to download and print out. We finally have a great way to get hard copies of our photos, instead of relying solely on digital files to store all our photo albums. The data will be prepared as a zip file and will be viewable in your web browser. This is the first time that Facebook has allowed users to export its data outside of the site.

What's next for Facebook? Are you going to utilize its newest features? Share your thoughts in the comments!