From Brands to Tourism Scvngr Engages Beyond the Check-In

By Amy Slife Location-based app and game Scvngr surpassed 500,000 users last week. While this is only a fraction of Facebook’s 500 million users, and a small portion of foursquare’s 4 million users, it’s a notable milestone for a company that’s quickly taking the location-based check-in app world by storm. Here we’re detailing four fun Scvngr promotions executed by brands and tourism organizations that aim to engage and reward the user in entertaining and unique ways.

City Sports

Specialty sports retailer City Sports has partnered with Scvngr to offer rewards in its 17 retail locations. Users can earn rewards by completing a variety of in-store challenges by way of the Scvngr app. Challenges include scanning the front window decal which doubles as a QR code, taking a photo of yourself trying on your favorite color City Sports t-shirt and using your noggin to determine what “SPORTS” would stand for if it were an acronym. Rewards include 20% off an item for checking-in and earning 1 point, earning 8 points to score a City Sports water bottle and earning 25 points to claim yourself one of the classic City Sports tees.

National Geographic

National Geographic has partnered with Scvngr to create mobile Nat Geo-themed challenges executed across multiple Nat Geo properties including the National Geographic Channel and the National Geographic Museum in D.C. One of these efforts is associated with a current National Geographic Museum exhibit, Geckos: Tails to Toepads, and encourages families to use their smartphone cameras to join in a photo safari. In a fun for the whole family trek, this Scvngr partnership execution sends players to specific locations in order to capture images and solve trivia challenges. With the completion of challenges, and much like with other location-based check-in apps, users earn badges and other fun rewards for their efforts.


In much more of a tourism related venture, the city of Philadelphia has partnered with Scvngr to encourage tourists and locals alike to Find Your Philly. Through five treks around the city that cover topics like Arts & Culture, History, and Sciences, users are encouraged to not only explore the city, but to participate in challenges in order to redeem points and ultimately score rewards and unlock Philly-themed badges. With 50 of the city’s top establishments, which include everything from restaurants to coffee shops and bars to venues participating, there are plenty of rewards to be reaped. The Find Your Philly rewards include, but are not limited to, fun giveaways and discounts like scoring a free tee by singing along to your favorite hit on a jukebox at one location and snapping a picture of the best seat in the house at a participating sports bar in order to earn 25% off an order of mussels.


The city of Chicago, who’s no stranger to utilizing check-in based platforms for tourism, has had both major tourism entities in the city partner with Scvngr to encourage leisure travelers, business travelers and Chicago natives to explore the city, complete challenges and score rewards. Through Explore Chicago, executed by the Chicago Office for Tourism, users can explore the neighborhoods of the city through four treks that offer challenges to unlock the rewards. Three of the Chi-Town treks include, exploring Millennium Park, the city’s center and park for music, art, architecture and landscape design; a fun and food lover friendly, Explore Chicago Taco Trek, where you find delicious tacos throughout the city; and a trek to explore Chicago’s musical roots through music trivia.

Similarly, Choose Chicago, initiated by the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau is incorporating convention center specific show treks, a Foodie Frenzie Trek, a Navy Pier Trek and a Presidential Chicago trek to help users not only explore tourist destination hot spots, but to also check out favorite sites the Obama’s visit when in town.

From large scale brand applications to tourism initiatives, Scvngr is functioning beyond the general check-in concept to provide fun activities in a game format for one’s favorite brands or organizations and the opportunity to explore U.S. cities in a deeper,  more exciting and interactive manner. The great rewards are a fabulous incentive for the user to participate too! As a social media user, have you jumped on the Scvngr bandwagon or are you familiar with any other brands or organizations creatively utilizing the latest check-in app platform? Share with us in the comments!