Harvard Dropouts Join Forces To Welcome Social Searching

By Cara Friedman The Facebook “like” button has spread like wild fire all over the Internet. We have seen it added to blogs, Moviefone, and other sites making everything likeable. This idea of Facebook integration is being taken to the next level with the partnership of Facebook and Bing. Searching has been made social and is customized to you based on Facebook Instant Personalization. When applicable, you will be able to see what your friends “like” while you search.

When you are searching for a good restaurant, movie, or webpage, you will now be able to see your friend’s faces of the people who like them. This goes for when you are searching in Facebook (powered by Bing) or on Bing.com. Beyond seeing what your friends like, Zuckerberg and Gates have now improved the way we find people. Let’s say you want to search for your friend, John Smith. Instead of getting a million hits of all the John Smiths out there, you will now only find the ones with mutual friends, and other relevant information that would connect him to you. Not only that, but you can find new friends based on your likes from Bing.

The reality is, people are much more likely to click on sites they know their friends like. If I am looking for good movers, binged it, and find that three of my friends liked one particular page, I would certainly try that one first! Searches are customized to what you are looking for, assuming you have similar interests to your Facebook friends. The question is, who is the partnership really benefiting? Facebook is a social powerhouse with over 500 million users. Bing’s notoriety has been growing but they still only control 13.9% of the market share versus Google’s 65.1%. I predict that people will be more likely to use Bing knowing they can interact with their Facebook friends, but not the other way around. Facebook will probably not generate new users just because they have teamed up with Bing. Will this customization be enough to rival Google Instant? Well, I guess it’s possible but who can know for sure. All I know is that this is probably just the beginning from the Facebook/Microsoft team.

Would you switch to Bing? Are you excited to use the new social searching features? Share your thoughts in the comments!