Top 10 Google Doodles

By Cara Friedman Over the years Google has been the go-to search engine. Some of us use Google because of it's simple design, the Instant feature, or the relevant results. Others use Google because the Google Doodles. Every so often, normally on special occasions, Google changes its logo into something more artsy. Whether it is a special birthday in history, or an anniversary, Google loves to celebrate in a fun and creative way! Here are Likeable Media's top ten favorite Google Doodles over time!

10. March 14, 2003- Albert Einstein's Birthday

9.  November 4, 2008- U.S. Election Day

8. July 20, 2008- 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

7. January 4,2006- Louis Braille's Birthday

6. January 28, 2009- Jackson Pollock's Birthday

5. November 10, 2009- 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street

4. June 6, 2009- 25th Anniversary of Tetris

3. August 12, 2010- 71st Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz

2. April 1, 2010- April Fool's Day!

1. May 21, 2010- PAC-MAN's 30th Anniversary (It's playable too!)

You can find all the Google Doodles here. Did we leave any out? What are your favorite Google Doodles? Share your thoughts in the comments!