Will Facebook Group Chat Leave Google Wave All Washed Up?

Here at Likeable Media we are big fans of anything that can make our jobs easier and our communication more seamless.  We are often communicating across several offices to our team of coworkers and need an easy way to communicate and share ideas and documents ASAP. Since Facebook announced their latest new features last week, we've been testing out Facebook chat as an alternative to Google Wave.  Here's the Pro's and Cons we've discovered so far:

Pro: You don't have to leave Facebook to communicate with multiple people at the same time!  Since we are on Facebook 24/7 already, it's a big time saver to be able to send one message to a whole group of coworkers, clients etc. without opening another window.

Con: You can't attach a document directly to the chat!  In Google Wave, you could attach a file from word, excel etc.  but in Facebook Groups you can create a document in Facebook OR attach a link but not a document.

Pro: You can easily chat with multiple groups at the same time.  In Google Wave you needed to create a separate Wave for each group but on Facebook you could talk to several groups at once.

Con: It can be distracting!  In our line of work, we ARE actually working when we're on Facebook and having multiple people chatting us at once can be a little overwhelming at times.  If you were using Google Wave or another separate chat platform, you could chose when you open it and when you read the messages.

Pro: Less glitchy!  Often times Google Wave would randomly present the white screen of death where the entire program would freeze and delay your chat.  AND since everyone on your Wave could see what your were typing it would often leave an odd half written message for your group to interpret while your computer was frozen.  Facebook chat is pretty much glitch free and let's you chat in real-time with no delays.

Con:  You can't export documents from Facebook docs as you could from Google Wave to Google Docs.  Any document created out of Facebook requires an extra copy and paste step to save as a word doc for example.

Is YOUR company using Facebook Chat to communicate?  What other pros and cons have you noticed?  Share with us here!