5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Blog

Does your company have a blog? Everyday, more brands are realizing the importance of having a corporate blog in our socially active, online world. Large companies, such as Kodak, Southwest, WordPress, Whole Foods and Zappos all are examples of a company blog done right - they know their audience, they update frequently with fresh and interesting content, and they provide relevant information about their company to the consumer.  Below are 5 reasons, of the many, why your company should also bite the bullet and start blogging. 1. Extend the conversation: A corporate blog is the perfect outlet for long form communication with your audience and/or clients. Twitter and Facebook are ideal platforms for quick, short-form messaging - and are incredibly important too - but a blog allows you to really dive into the topics and trends that matter in your industry. Also, blogging aids you in being transparent and giving the "insider look" your audience craves. Someone researching your company will be able to glean more information from the company blog than the standard "About Section," and even your Twitter and Facebook updates. While those forms of communication heavily involve proactive response to questions and concerns, a blog stands as a channel for sharing in-depth ideas, practices, and stories that make your company unique... and awesome. You can even use your blog as a platform for crowd-sourced information. Developing a new product? Ask your blog audience for input and ideas, bringing the targeted consumer into the development process!

2. Attract Future Customers: Blogs influence purchasing decisions - whether you are giving your readers a behind the scenes look at how a product was conceptualized and made or showing your products in action, consumers will have an added reinforcement to why your products rock. In this sense, a product can be literal (such as a camera) or figurative, if your company provides services rather than tangible goods. You can think of your company's blog as cost-effective extension of your sales calls or advertisements. In reality, the 21st Century Consumer has come to expect the brands they purchase from to be available to them in the online social world, and having a corporate blog where they can research and interact with you is one of the first steps to take.

3. Attract Future Employees: A company or brand is only as good as the talent it recruits to represent them. By providing potential employees a look into your corporate structure - life at the company, how ideas are formed, and the exciting things that are happening - you are essentially dangling the carrot. Let your target employee base know why working for you would be an amazing opportunity, and they will come to you.

4. Position yourself as a leader: As a brand, you want to be seen as innovative - a thought leader in your industry. Blogging allows you to share your company's best ideas and intelligent commentary for what's happening in your space. Having a well-written blog will help you stand out, or above your competitors. By allowing multiple people to contribute either posts or simply ideas for the posts, everyone in your company has a voice - and I'm sure they have a lot of great things to say.

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Ideally, blogs are updated regularly which inherently lends itself to great SEO. Hubspot has reported that company's that have active blogs receive up to 55% more traffic - including higher rates of both organic search and referral traffic. By utilizing appropriate keywords, sharing "link love" with others, and submitting your blog to directories - among many other things- you will help drive more eyes to your page. Once you post the content on your blog, it will live there indefinitely. Someone searching for a specific topic can stumble upon a post from months, or even years ago. The content continues to work for you long after it's been published. And of course, the more eyes on your company's blog and website ultimately will lead to higher customer conversions down the road.

What spurred your company's blogging? If you don't have one, what's holding you back? Share your thoughts and blog URLs with us!