Follow Friday! Twitter Launches New Tab to Find More Friends

As Twitter has grown, one of the biggest complaints has been finding your friends easily and also finding the best people to follow for your particular interests. Previously, the options were pretty limited on how you could find people to follow, at least through directly. You could search by full name or user name, you could search by email, and more recently you could see users "similar to you" and suggestions from Twitter. But now, Twitter has launched a new tab that will help make it easier to find like-minded users without a third party application.

The "Who to Follow" tab now appears on my Twitter account and lists three tabs within: view suggestions, browse interests and find friends. I was pleased to see that among my top suggestions was @BenJerrysTruck.  Thank you Twitter, for really "getting me."

What's interesting about this new feature is that the tab appears with a slightly different title throughout user accounts.  My personal account listed it as "Who to Follow" while another account says "Find People."

According to Mashable, there are a few different titles to the tabs.

I like this new feature and think it's a step in the right direction for making the most out of Twitter and finding the best people to follow and engage with.  One thing I noticed right away though is that the majority of my suggestions were publications or social media blogs or tools.  While I am obviously a social media nerd, I'd like to see a little more in-depth recommendations that go beyond my obvious interest and I'd also like to see more actual people being suggested to me.

The Browse Interests tab seems a little broad as well.

What'd I'd like to see in the future is a feature similar to Facebook that shows you users who you have several friends (or followers) in common with and then a way to see who you have in common to help determine if they are worth a follow!

What do YOU think of this new feature? Have you tried it yet?  Share with us your thoughts in the comments!