How To Use Social Media For Customer Service

Facebook has turned into a place not just to connect with friends but to connect with popular companies and businesses.  Many companies look at customer service and marketing as two different aspects of business.  Facebook, however, can allow a company to do both at once.  In this week's Watch Me Wednesday, Dave talks with Cripsin Vary of Parature, the leading makers of the Customer Support tabs on Facebook, to discuss the benefits of talking to your consumer while marketing to them on Facebook. Companies are engaging their consumer and allowing them to give feedback.  This is revolutionizing the way we look at customer service.  By having a conversation in an open forum, such as Facebook, it shows that the consumers voice is heard AND responded to.  By having the conversation go two ways it gives the company some credibility, shows that they listen, and becomes an effective marketing tool.  If a company is known for having thoughtful and expedient customer service it will make them a more likeable brand.

How do YOU feel about customer services and marketing through social media?  Is it an effective way to communicate with your customer?  Will you talk to your favorite brands on Facebook?