Say Goodbye to Wall-to-Walls, Say Hello to Friendship Pages

By Cara Friedman Wall-to-walls are old news. Facebook just launched a new way to see the interactions between you and your friends. Friendship pages started rolling out late last week. According to Facebook, Friendship pages are a way to trace back your whole online relationship with each of your friends. Every photo, comment, wall post, and event attended together are listed conveniently on your custom Friend Page. Your friendship page also lists all your common likes and mutual friends.

You can view your Friendship pages by clicking on the button under your friends' profile picture or by clicking 'See Friendship' under a comment. You can not only see Friendship pages between you and your friends, but you can also see pages between your friends and your other friends. Even further, you can see Friendship pages between your friends and their friends.

The better the relationship with your friend, the better the Friendship page will be. It is a great way to see a friendship progress, how a romance was kindled, and even a way to reconnect with people you have lost touch with. The downside is, Facebook has created yet another tool for stalking one another but let's try to look at the positive. Embrace Friendship pages and use them to bring back fun memories, reminisce about the good old days, and just have fun! According to Facebook, that is what they are meant for.

What do you think of Friendship pages? Is this a Facebook #fail or #FTW?