Social Media Takes On Election Day!

This week’s blog comes from Guest Blogger, Dionne Gordon. Dionne tells us about how Social Media is participating in this year's midterm elections. If you’re into social media, then you know that Election Day 2010 is here! It is imperative to go out and take part in the polling. This year social media networks are heavily promoting the importance of going out to vote in this year’s midterm Election.


Today Election Day is taking over the trending topics. With (#)hashtags like #govote, #vote, #ElectionDay, and the promoted hashtag #Election, Twitter is sure to get the message out to millions to go out and vote!


Want an exclusive one-time only Foursquare badge? If you vote and check-in with a shout out saying #ivoted you will receive the 2010 iVoted badge. Foursquare is also providing a link that allows you to see the male-to-female ratio of voter check-ins in your state.


When you first login to Facebook there is an Election Day pop up that will link you to the U.S. Politics Fan Page. Facebook is providing  polling information, a polling place locator to help you find your polling place, and a place for voters to interact and talk about the Election. When you click and say you voted, you receive an Election badge on your Facebook profile page.

Election Google

Do you want to vote but have no idea where to go?  Well, Google has the answer. To help promote Election Day, the Google homepage has a link saying “where to vote.” Clicking the link will take you to Google maps, where you then type in your address and it tells you where your election center is located. Google is also providing 2010 U.S. Election Ratings. This allows voters in each state to keep track of which political party is in the lead. With Election Google there is no excuse for you not to vote!

Social Media is helping to encourage you to take part in your civic duty. Every vote counts, will you take part in this year’s Election?