Thankful For Social Media

By Dave Kerpen When I was a math teacher in New York City, several years ago, I used to say that "education is the great equalizer." It sounds good in theory, but in practice, the reality is that richer school districts provide better education, even in a country as fortunate as the United States. Today, I'd argue that "social media is the great equalizer."

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have given unprecedented power to the people. A good idea, article or thought can spread way faster than ever before, thanks to social media. A small business with smart marketing or a great product now stands a chance against a huge company with a huge advertising budget. You know about the viral videos, some really good, some not so good. But also, a blog post from a mom about her son's Halloween costume can generate millions of view within days - because of the content alone.

Tweetsgiving has raised nearly $100,000 due to the belief that people love to share and inspire stories.

And despite what Malcolm Gladwell recently wrote about social media, the power of social media is nothing short of revolutionary.

I am so thankful to be part of this amazing movement. I am thankful for a terrific team at Likeable, for amazing clients, and for the best business partner a guy could ask for.

But most of all, I'm thankful for socal media itself. Because it has, can and will change the world.

Happy Thanksgiving. What are you most thankful for?

PS We're also thankful for food and diversity at Likeable. Enjoy this week's Watch Me Wednesday video.

Happy Thanksgiving! What you thankful for?