Would You “Die” on Social Media to @keepachildalive for @NATWorldAIDSDay?

By: Mallorie Rosenbluth

This week, on December 1, the world will join together to fight a common enemy: AIDS. Wednesday marks the 6th anniversary of World Aids Day and this year, celebrities are contributing in whole new way.

The Keep a Child Alive charity, co-founded by Alicia Keys, has rallied celebrities like Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Seacrest, Kim and Khloe Kardashian and others to take part in a campaign called the Digital Life Sacrifice.

Here’s how it works:  celebrities have filmed ads showing themselves in coffins to represent their digital deaths. This will be sent out to fans as the final message before the celeb stops tweeting and posting on Wednesday. All participants will remain silent across social media platforms until the charity succeeds in its mission to raise a million dollars.

Keys hopes the campaign will inspire celebrities and non-celebrities alike to get involved in the cause that will use the funds raised to support families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.

When you look at the numbers of fans and followers some of these celebrities have (Justin Timberlake has 3.5 million Twitter followers and another 5.6 million on Facebook; Gaga makes that look small with 7.2 million and 23.9 million, respectively) the results of this campaign have the potential to be truly astonishing.

And the Digital Life Sacrifice is just the latest of the social good initiatives taking part in which organizations are using social media to make the world a better place. From Epic Change's recent Epic Thanks and #tweetsgiving money raising initiative, to charity:water and TOMS Shoes using social media to show contributors how their contributions are making a difference; social media is helping raise awareness and rally individuals around cause,s and is producing results that can – and will -  change the world.

So now here’s the question: would you go silent on social media to raise money for a cause you believed in? What social good initiatives have you, or would you, take part in? Share in the comments below.