Dear Santa: A Social Media Wish List

Dear Santa, The holidays are quickly approaching and there are a few things a social media nerd wants to add to her wish list! Although most of my social media wishes have come true this year, there are still a few more features I’d like to see from Zuckerberg, Crowley, and Dorsey next year. So Santa, please help a little Jewish girl’s dreams come true!

1. Foursquare Points Should Mean Something: Right now you can accumulate points by checking into lots of places, and new venues, but what do these points really mean? Yea, you have bragging rights for the week when you top the leader boards but other than that… the points really have no purpose! Considering the buzz that comes with a Foursquare coupon, it should be after a certain number of points you can redeem deals.  Santa, can you please ask Dennis Crowley to add meaning to the Foursquare points system?

2. Dislike Button: I know this is a controversial request... However, I am not suggesting that we add dislike buttons to Facebook pages, but instead just for Facebook profiles. When I post a status about how I just got a flat tire, I don’t want a bunch of my friends to “like” the status. It is more appropriate to dislike it. I know there is a possibility to stir up a lot of hateful messaging, but if Pandora and YouTube can do it, I think Facebook should be able to too!

3. Ability to Like Tweets: The like button is not just for Facebook anymore. Blogs, websites, articles, and more all include the like button somewhere. Even when searching the web you can see who liked what. Why not have tweets become more likeable?! Sometimes a tweet isn’t retweet worthy but still something to acknowledge. Santa, please bring the like button to tweets!

4. Stronger Conversation Feature for Tweets: Santa, you answered my prayers when I asked for a wall-to-wall like feature for Twitter but it is not quite as strong as I hoped for. Right now we can only see the previous tweet to which that person responded to. However, Twitter is about conversation and the conversation doesn’t normally end after one back and forth. I think a more developed conversation tracking feature can really improve the user experience on Twitter.

5. Archived Page Posts: Many blogs have an archive feature that lays out month by month what blogs were posted. For those social media marketers who are monitoring Facebook pages, it would be extremely helpful to have archived posts as well! Right now Facebook only allows you to go about 3 months back and you have to look through every single post on the page to get to the one you are looking for. Admins should be able to view posts archived by month for easy monitoring.

6. Facebook Message Forwarding: Facebook has made huge strides in messaging lately yet they still lack an essential feature; forwarding! If you ask Mark Zuckerberg to add the forwarding feature to Facebook messages, I promise to leave extra cookies and milk for you on Christmas eve.

7. Personalized Facebook Profiles (Drag and Drop Boxes): For a short amount of time, users were allowed to drag and drop the boxes on their page for more personalization. With the new Facebook design, our pages have just become more generic and less personable. If I wanted to place my family before my relationship status I wouldn’t be able to. Santa, can you please ask Zuckerberg to give us our individuality back!

8. A Mix of Old Facebook Insights and New: As much as I love the new Facebook insights, there are a few essential features that got lost in the change. The graphs in old insights are better for focusing on specific dates while the new graphs are more specific. Even though you have given me exact page views per tab, without knowing the date range and whether or not the views are unique, it is hard to interpret! Santa, thank you for the new insights but could you do me a favor and bring back some of the old?!

9. Old Facebook: Just for fun, I would like to have the very first Facebook layout for the day. Maybe on April Fool’s Day, or on the anniversary of Facebook, or even for the celebration of 1 billion users. It would be fun to use with its original layout and the “Mark Zuckerberg Productions” signature.

10. The Next BIG THING: Facebook and Twitter must have been very nice this year because you have given them a lot of success Santa! As much as I love the social media powerhouses, I think it is time for the NEXT BIG THING in social media. What will be the next genius idea to sweep us off our feet and allow businesses an even better way to reach out to their customers? Surprise me!

Santa, I know this is a lot to ask but let’s be real… you’re Santa! You’re magical! I believe in the power of Christmas just as much as I believe in the power of social media. On behalf of the social media community, this is my wish list!

With lots of likes and retweets,

Cara Friedman & the Likeable Media team

What's on YOUR social media wish list this year? What would you like Santa to bring you?