The New Face of Facebook

By Michele Weisman On Sunday evening, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a return appearance on the national news program 60 Minutes. Zuckerberg remained relatively relaxed and confident as he answered Leslie Stahl’s questions regarding his thoughts on The Social Network, the future of Facebook, intellectual property theft, privacy, and Internet domination. The highlight of the interview was centered on the redesign of Facebook member profile pages.

A New Introduction

The profile redesign emphasizes a snapshot of basic personal information such as birthplace, education, occupation and birthday. In other words, information you would share with people you’ve met at a social gathering or an old friend you are catching up with. Photos are a huge emphasis on the profile. The user can customize a row of five photos to appear on his or her profile.

Emphasis On Relationships

The user can now highlight those friends who are important to them, such as family members, best friends, or colleagues. This can be customized by creating new groups of friends or by featuring already existing friends lists.

Easy Navigation

The new changes include no more tabs. You can now surf around your profile from one central place, making it easier to see your information, photos, friends and more. We were given a preview of this layout with Friendship pages and Places pages. Now they have fully transitioned to the profile.

Share Your Experiences and Discover Common Interests

The new format allows you to share exactly how you spend your time offline. You can now update your friends on your projects at work, the classes you take and other recreational activities you enjoy. You can even include the friends who share your experiences, showcase the things you care about most and connect with friends who share similar interests.

In just the past few months, Facebook has unveiled a variety of products: Facebook places and deals, Facebook’s new messaging system, and friendship pages.  Because of Facebook’s 600 million users worldwide and 200+ million mobile users, it is crucial for Facebook to continue to emphasize the importance of personalization and engagement. To activate the profile redesign, simply click on Facebook’s announcement.

Zuckerberg claims that the redesign was intended to give the user a better experience. Cynics will say that the redesign helps marketers to better target groups of potential customers. What do YOU think? Share in the comments section below!