Top 10 Internet Memes of 2010

By: Mallorie Rosenbluth

The month of December is often controversial. Can we hang this mistletoe? Can we light this menorah? Can this office party be called a “holiday” party? All the political correctness! At least one thing during this month isn’t controversial, though.  Year-end recaps! Last week we recapped the Top 10 Most Important Tweets of 2010. Today, it’s all about the memes.

I became slightly obsessed with internet memes around the time of Balloon Boy. They're ridiculous, they're pointless, they're over in moments! Hence, they're amazing and capture the essence of the internet perfectly for this meme-lovin’ gal.

Here are the Top 10 Internet Memes of 2010 (as determined by a very scientific formula of how many “ha-has” it elicited from me)

1)      Pants on the Ground. Remember this? It’s probably the first true meme of 2010.  Larry Platt auditioned for American Idol with his pant-sagging protest song and started quite the internet commotion. There are few words to capture the brilliance of his performance, the poetry of his lyrics, and the grace of his dance. Check it out for yourself:

2)      Team Coco. Before Jay Leno and the mean old men at NBC started bullying Conan O’Brien, who really knew or cared about the red-headed late night show host? Sure he had his fans, but did he have a team? Did he have a nickname? Did he have a FOURSQUARE BADGE??? Team Coco took over the internet – from Twitter to Foursquare and everywhere in between.

3)      Double Rainbow. Stoners around the world rejoiced in kindred hippy awe. Not just one rainbow, BUT A DOUBLE RAINBOW. Whoaaaaaaaaaa! The term now has an entry in and a slew of swag (yes, you can own your very own Double Rainbow t-shirt). My mom could only sit through 14 seconds of the video which is how I know it is awesome and hilarious. Not hilarious? The man behind the rainbow selling out to Microsoft.

4)      Bedroom Intruder. Oh Antoine Dodson, you my friend, are an inspiration. Not to mention a threat to all men who dare sneak into windows to rape women and children. Honestly, not a week goes by where I don’t find a relevant use of Dodson’s now ubiquitous phrase “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” I’d even wager this auto-tune is better than the Double Rainbow version.

5)      Lip Syncing “Kid” aka Keenan Cahill (yes, he has a Facebook page). I have to be honest, I laugh so hard at these videos, I feel I need to go to confession after. It seems cruel. But I can’t help it. The Katy Perry “Teenage Dream” cover is my favorite (and has over 22 million views on YouTube). I first stumbled across these videos back in September and watch them on a fairly regular basis now. Bad day at work?  Thank you very much BeenerKeeKee19952. He even made it on Chelsea Lately with the raunchtastic Chelsea Handler. I’d say his fame clock is at about 14 minutes, 52 seconds.

6)      “I like it on...” Facebook was taken over by females writing where they like it. Responses such as on the counter, on the floor, hanging on the wall, and others took over people’s newsfeeds. Were women finally revealing their most intimate desires? Nope. It was a trend started for Breast Cancer Awareness and was really about where women put their purses (see, get your minds outta the gutter people!). This definitely trumped last year’s bra color status, so I can only imagine what 2011 will hold.

7)      Kanye West. OMG Kanye is on TWITTER?! He’s following Justin Bieber?! He’s ranting mindlessly and not understanding the term “micro-blogging”?! Oy. We covered the Kanye effect back in August. If you missed that gem, check it out.

8)      Sad Keanu. One day, Keanu Reeves was sitting on a park bench, chillin’ with his beard, pensively eating a sandwich. Then a photographer captures it and BAM! Sad Keanu is born. The photo spurred a variety of imitations (other people being sad, Sad Keanu around the world, etc.) and my personal favorite, the song “Hey There, Keanu”

9)      The Old Spice Guy. He won an Emmy for God’s sake. What was once a deodorant with a scent so strong and identifiable I cough just thinking of it, is now the company that spurred the most creative marketing campaign of the year. The scantily clad Old Spice Guy created videos in response to Twitter questions and comments. It was genius. And suddenly Old Spice is cool again.

10)   Merton on Chatroulette. Since its inception, Chatroulette has been one part genius, one part creepy-as-hell and one part porn. Enter Merton, the  improv piano player who has made Chatroulette kind of awesome. Merton writes songs on-the-spot for the people he gets paired with on the site. He is absolutely amazing. End of story. Oh, and he's not Ben Folds.

These are just my personal favorite memes of the year. I bet you have your own favorites from the past 12 months. Don’t be shy – share them in the comments! Here’s to a meme-filled 2011.