Twelevision Time! How Twitter has changed the way we watch TV

It's no secret that us digital folks spend a great deal of our time on the internet or our smart phones and have become quite good at multi-tasking while doing so.  (*Note, this is NOT an endorsement for texting while driving!)  Lately it seems we just can't watch a TV program without tweeting our play-by-play commentary along with it.  Whether it's the latest Zuck interview on 60 minutes, The Monday Night Football game or the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy, it's nearly impossible to be on Twitter during prime-time and not get bombarded by what's on (or what you're missing!).  Here are some ways that this phenomenon of "tweeting while watching" is great for marketing and brand awareness:

Increases Exposure

When Mark Zuckerburg was interviewed on 60 minutes this week, I was alerted to the interview not by the TV Guide (does that even exist anymore?) or the newspaper but by a tweet from a friend letting me know the interview was on.  If I'm not sure if Grey's Anatomy is a repeat, I don't check the guide channel, I tweet it.  If I'm watching some obscure show on a cable channel that's absolutely captivating and I want to see if anyone else is watching it, I don't call my friends, I send out a tweet or do a search to see if anyone else is tuned in.  What does this all mean?  It means that TV programming is getting a generous boost in buzz courtesy of the millions of avid tweeters using the platform as their very own virtual TV guide!

Encourages Conversation

Since I rarely have the luxury of getting together with a big group of friends to watch my favorite TV shows anymore, I immediately turn to twitter to enhance my viewing experiences.  When an OMG moment happens on Gossip Girl, you can bet I'm tweeting about it and I know I'm not alone. 

Similarly for the sports enthusiasts out there, my Twitter stream on Monday nights is usually equal parts Gossip Girl tweets and Monday Night Football tweets, both complete with multiple hashtags!

Brings Out Loyal Fans

Particularly during live interviews and awards show, heated controversies often take place over twitter about various celebrities, political figures and entertainers.  This controversy actually brings out the most loyal fans and forces them to become advocates.  It's free Word of Mouth Marketing!  We've seen this most recently on The Barbara Walters Special where the cast of the Jersey Shore, Justin Bieber, Betty While and General David Petraeus were grouped together in a way that inspired a slew of tweets ranging from Jersey Shore haters to Bieber Bashing and much more.  But with the negative tweets came positive ones from some of these figures most loyal supporters.

BONUS FOR BRANDS: People also Tweet about Commercials and Your Products!

Perhaps the biggest win for advertisers is the amount of buzz brands can generate on twitter by having a great commercial.  People are already tweeting every scene and play but they don't stop there.  People love to tweet about the commercials in-between their shows giving unbeatable exposure to your brand.  Especially during the holidays, having a well-positioned commercial can increase your brands influence on social media by generating buzz through twitter.  Trending brands lately have included Target, Lexus (for their portrayal of an inter-racial couple) and Dunkin Donuts.

Do you tweet while watching TV?  Let us know in the comments!