A New Era of Blogging with Tumblr and Posterous

By Amy Slife With the broad expanse of a new year ahead and with New Year’s resolutions abounding, one of yours in the social media sphere might be to start a blog. Blogging is a perfect way to share and document your thoughts. On a personal level,  you can provide insight into your real-world life for your readers; corporate blogs allow you to easily share news, happenings and employee opinions on a company-wide scale. Whether you’re looking to get your feet wet in the blogging sphere, or hunting for a new platform to replace an existing blog, we’re detailing two blogging platforms that largely fill the void between the 140 character tweet and the long form blogs that you might find on Wordpress or Blogger. As platforms like Tumblr and Posterous bring immediacy and ease to the world of blogging, we expect to see big social growth of these platforms over the course of 2011. Tumblr: As social media proliferates in its various forms, we suspect simplicity to be a key differentiator when it comes to those dabbling in a plethora of different social platforms across the web and mobile environments. When it comes to blogging, it doesn’t get much simpler than Tumblr.  With multiple blog forms to chose from (text, quote photo, video, mp3, etc.) and handy iPhone app, everything you could want to share is practically assembled for you--minus the content of course! While it was launched over 3 years ago, we saw Tumblr really starting to make waves and pick up steam in the blogging environment throughout 2010. While some of the most recent news putting the company on the map, a 24 hour outage plaguing the community, may not have been the most positive for the service, mid-December news confirmed that Tumblr acquired an additional $30 million in funding. In addition to funding which is likely to help in the building out of the free service, Tumblr also recently announced curated topic pages to aid in discovery of common topics across the tumblrverse. These curated topics track by tags, like news, fashion and long-reads, and with other topics said to be in the works, Tumblrs can expect to see more curated topics to aid in following and finding fellow Tumblrs in 2011. The growth of Tumblr even made it into the Kerpen’s 5 Simple Social Media Predictions for 2011.

Posterous: Keeping with theme of simplicity in blogging, Posterous falls right in line. Launched in 2008, this middle blogging space platform gets it right with their email post creation process. It’s simpler than it sounds and practically does all the work for the user. With a quick email to post@posterous.com, that includes the photos, videos, text, etc. your Posterous post can be created in a matter of minutes. Think  140 characters simple, but with the ability to share more than 140 characters! Similar to Tumblr, Posterous allows the user to claim their account at a name.posterous.com URL. A neat feature of the platform is their group or community blog feature that allows multiple users to contribute. With the option to allow anyone to contribute and have one individual moderate, or have just select contributors post, this blogging platform takes on a new community contributed life. One of the most recent additions to the Posterous platform is the ability to create groups, turning your typical email list into a group based conversation platform,-- think Facebook Groups-esque. Another advantage to Posterous, and similarly seen on a smaller scale with Tumblr, is the ability to connect to the other social media platforms that you might be a part of in order to cross publish your content. When you’re a social media devotee, sometimes it’s easier to share posts, thoughts or info in a variety of places at once.

What are your thoughts on quick-blogging services like Tumblr and Posterous? Do you expect to see them proliferate in 2011? Share your thoughts in the comments.