All About Klout! 5 Ways to Raise your Klout Score

We here at Likeable are very competitive in nature. Who has the most Twitter followers? Friends on Facebook? Who's the mayor of our office? Now, thanks to a little friendly competition, our latest focus is on raising our Klout scores. Like the secret Google algorithms and Facebook newsfeed formulas no one really knows the specifics on raising your Klout score but here are 5 hints to get started (thanks to another Likeable favorite, Quora for some great info!).

1) Generate action: Anytime you drive someone else to take an action, such as a click from a link, a comment on a Facebook post, a RT or an @reply on Twitter,  you are enhancing your influence and Klout score.  The more you share, the more chance you have to drive an action!

2) Interaction with social influencers: The more people you interact with the more influence you have across social platforms.  It's not enough to just have followers or friends, you need to actually interact with them through engaging and relevant conversations and far reaching topics.

3) Twitter Hashtags: Hashtags are your friends, use them.  Tag all your relevant tweets with trending or popular hashtags.  Jump into conversations when you see people tweeting with a common hashtag and don't forget to tag your @replies and RTs.

4) Twitter Lists: Are you being added to lists and are those lists being followed by a large number of people? Being added to lists that are frequently followed and added to is a great way to improve reach.

5) Facebook posts: Don't forget about your Facebook status updates and how they affect your Klout score.  Getting lots of comments and likes on your status updates will influence your Klout score so remember to post frequent engaging questions and content to get your friends involved!

And finally, if you think you can game the system by following and being followed by spam or fake Twitter accounts you're wrong!  Klout has  a way of determining spam or inactive accounts and automatically removes those when calculating your influence so play nice kids!  Bottom line, improve your score by offering frequent and engaging content and by communicating with other influencers.

Got any other tips to share on raising your Klout score?  Let us know in the comments!