Destination: Social Media

In this week's Watch Me Wednesday video, Dave meets up with Shawn Stinson of Visit Salt Lake to discuss the uses for social media in destination travel. Social media can be used for almost any business type and specifically for destination travel marketing, here are 3 reasons why it works: Get Content Out - Making sure that visitors, as well as other professionals, know what your destination has to offer specifically is very important. Social media serves as this platform for getting the word. Communication - Keeping an open conversation with possible visitors and current visitors alike is very attainable through social media. You can interact directly with people online and get the feedback that is necessary to keep your destination fun and exciting. Meetings and Conventions- Allowing social media to be a part of your meetings and conventions is the perfect way to keep people involved even when they cannot attend your event in person.

How else have you experienced destination travel marketing through a social media outlet?