HOW TO: Interpret Your Facebook Page Insights

By Cara Friedman Anyone who is an admin of a Facebook page gets access to Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights provides admins data about their content, likers, and more. When you are able to read Facebook Insights and interpret trends and demographics on your page, you are able to grow your page easier. Although Facebook offers this great tool for page admins, many people have trouble understanding them. For those who are inexperienced with Facebook Insights, it may be hard to analyze all the numbers and graphs provided. Here are some helpful hints for those who are new to Facebook Insights:

Page Overview

To get to the main Insights page you will have to click “See All” on the small Insights box that is under your page’s profile picture. You are then taken to a page overview. This page shows you an overview of statistics based on your users and those who have interacted on your page. The users graph will show you how many new likers you have gained, how many you have overall, and how many active users your page has each month. The interactions graphs give you page content feedback. This will show how many people have viewed your page’s posts and how many people have responded to your posts.


By clicking “See Details” or by clicking “Users” on the side bar, you will get a more detailed breakdown of your page’s likers. Not only can you see how many active users you have, but you can also get a breakdown to see what it is your users are doing on your page. Are users commenting on posts, liking posts, just viewing posts, etc? All those questions can be answered with Insights.

Insights also shows you how people are finding your page. You can see how many people have liked your page from the fan box on your website, from your Facebook ads, from searching you, etc. If you are curious to see the breakdown of your users, Insights will show the demographics including age, gender, country, city, and language.


If you scroll all the way to the bottom you will see a media consumption chart. This chart shows you how successful all the images, videos, and audio clips that you post on your page are. To get a really detailed description of activity on your page check the tab views. Tab views tells you exactly how many people have viewed each tab on your page. To view how many people click through the links you post on your page, you look at “External References.” External references lists all the links you have posted and how many time they have been clicked through. These features are part of Facebook’s new Insights and provide a much more detailed way to interpret your page activity


By clicking “See Details” or “Interactions” on the side bar you will get to see a post by post analysis from your page. Each post is listed and presented on a graph. Insights allows you to see how many people have viewed the post and the percentage of people who have given feedback on it. Now you are able to see exactly which posts were successful and which ones weren’t.


When looking at graphs, scroll you mouse over the each line and day to get exact numbers from that day. Scroll your mouse in the corner of each graph to have the option of making it full screen, saving the image, or printing. If you would like to view a graph from specific dates you can click on the top right corner to choose your dates.  To export your data into an Excel spreadsheet, click the "Export" button in the top right corner. If you still need help understanding Facebook Insights click on the question marks (?) next to the titles of the graphs.

Facebook Insights is a valuable tool and the more you explore, the more you will learn about your page. Use these instructions and tips to make your page the best it can be!

What are your favorite features of Facebook Insights? Where do you think it needs improvement? Share your thoughts in the comments!