What Would Your Customers Miss?

by Dave Kerpen This week, I began an 18 week detox program to lose 54 pounds and get a lot healthier. I gave up processed foods, gluten, and a whole bunch of other foods. I also gave up coffee. I was terrified of serious caffeine withdrawal with this sacrifice - headaches, exhaustion, and irritability.

Just five days into the detox, I'm not experiencing any of those symptoms.  I don't think I even miss the coffee itself. Yet I miss Dunkin Donuts. A lot. I miss the smell when I walk in each morning. I miss the cashier greeting me with a smile, asking me if I'll have the usual, and then making my XL French Vanilla coffee with skim milk and 7 splenda. I miss the free munchkins they hand me every time I come in with my daughters.

In so many cases, it's the little things - and the people - that matter. What and who would your customers miss if they quit you today?