Obsessed with Facebook? You're not alone.

By Lauren Sleeper Working at Likeable, I am more or less living in Facebook all day.  It's gotten to the point that I find myself "thinking" in status updates and Facebook ad length.  My friends who's companies block the site are jealous, since they can't support their "habit" throughout their workday. Facebook has become so prevalent in my social sphere that if I meet someone my age who doesn't have an account I think it's very strange -- are they just that out of touch, or are they trying to be ironically cool? Apparently, I'm not alone in these ruminations.

CNBC recently aired The Facebook Obsession, an hour long documentary that had social media geeks squirming in anticipation.  While the documentary covered other Facebook related issues -- such as privacy, effects on employment, and it's position as the world's strongest people connector -- the underlying theme was how much Facebook has permeated our lives, and how "obsessed" we all are with it. The fact that CNBC even produced this documentary represents how social media has truly become an integral part of how we interact with each other, and the greater world we live in.

The OnlineSchools.org infographic below illustrates our fascination with Facebook, and the stats show the huge role it plays in our daily lives.  With 70% of America's population and one out of every thirteen people in the world on Facebook, it's safe to say that the majority of people that you will ever meet you will be able to "friend." Of those people that you friend, you are more likely to then interact with them online than in real life -- 57% in fact. Perhaps some of these statistics seem shocking, but I'm willing to bet that as you read through them you'll recognize that you too are a component of these numbers.

The Stats on Digg Via: Online Schools

Do you think YOU are obsessed with Facebook? How many times do you log on each day? Do you interact with your friends and family more on Facebook than you do face to face?