What LinkedIn's Big Announcement Could Mean For You!

Yesterday LinkedIn made headlines with the announcement that they've filed paperwork for an initial public offering (IPO) for up to $175 million.  With this move, came the release of some key stats about LinkedIn to put things in perspective.

Basic Stats About LinkedIn (via Mashable):

Current Members:  90 million members across two hundred countries—40 million of those members are in the US

Growth rate: According to CNBC it is adding one new member every second

Unique visitors: 65 million (average of Oct, Nov, Dec)

Page Views: 5.5 billion (average of Oct, Nov, Dec)

Employees: 990 (As of Dec 31 2010)

So.... What does all this mean for us!? Here are a few things to consider.

1) LinkedIn's IPO could be a foreshadowing of things to come for some of our other favorite social networking sites to follow suit.  Who will be next?  Facebook? Twitter?  Foursquare?

2) Coinciding with this news, LinkedIn  launched its official ad platform.  Now called LinkedIn Ads, the text-advertising service formerly known as DirectAds  has revamped its targeting tools to include job title, companies and targeting to specific Linkedin groups.  Could this change be a hint of more exciting features added to LinkedIn if it becomes a public company?

3) Proof that social networking is here to stay and that our economy is doing better! The fact that Morgan Stanley, UBS and Merill Lynch have taken on the underwriting for LinkedIn and that their estimated worth, according to SharesPost, a secondary market for trading shares in private companies,  is  $2.51 billion  is a testament to the perceived value of LinkedIn and other social networking platforms.

Will you buy LinkedIn stock when it becomes available?  Do you see them going public as a good thing? Let us know your thoughts!