For #VDay, Five Social Media Power Couples

By Carrie Kerpen

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Yes, that's right, Likeable readers, love is in the air, and today, we're celebrating the upcoming "holiday of hearts" with a tribute to the top five social media power couples! These lovebirds have worked together to pave the way in social media success...and, as one member of a self-proclaimed social media couple, we LOVE to see successful couples doing great things in social media!

Leslie Bradshaw and Jesse Thomas


Founders and partners at the UBER amazing creative firm Jess3, Leslie and Jesse are paving the way for a virtually untapped category: Digital visualization. There is NO infographic around that can touch Jess3's creative interpretation of the growth of social media. Some of their greatest infographics (which we use frequently!) include their team project "The Twitterverse", which they created in conjunction with Brian Solis, and their "State of Wikipedia" document. If their relationship is anywhere near as fabulous as their work, then they're suited for a fantastic future.

Victoria Ransom and Alain Chuard


We've often interviewed this power-couple, co founders of Wildfire. Their company is one of the simplest for launching contests, sweepstakes and couponing on Facebook, and they're two-time winners of the fbFund grant. One of the things that we LOVE about this platform, and this couple, is that they are accessible!! The platform can be used by companies of all sizes, with self-serve platforms available for less than $100 per campaign, and larger, fully branded programs available for larger organizations. When you meet Victoria and Alain, you understand this right away-- they want businesses of all shapes and sizes to benefit from Facebook's platform...because they believe in the mission. This couple rocks, and so does their platform!

Mike and Kass Lazerow

Buddy Media

I've met Mike Lazerow before, and we, as a company, love his platform which allows brands to have a more interactive presence on Facebook. When I met him, one of the first things he said to me was, "you've got to meet my wife". This couple founded the award-winning Buddy Media together, and recently raised 23 million in Series C funding. While Mike is often the face of Buddy Media, he'll be the first to tell you that it's Kass who makes it happen. I was immediately interested in this couple when reading Gotham Gal's account of Kass. These two are a force to be reckoned with, and we're in awe of their success and can't wait to see what's next!

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore


This couple is the power couple of the voyeur...those who want a sneak peek into the life of celebrities, and who don't want to do it from behind the lens of a paparazzi camera. Demi and Ashton show that you can own your celebrity and your image through social media...and they've done just that: using social to fight human trafficking, and even give the public photos that no paparazzi could ever find on their own. Their influence is used for good, and we're proud to have worked with Asht0n on some of his non-profit work.

Dave and Carrie Kerpen

Likeable Media

Full disclosure: I am one of the two people in this power couple! :)

Okay, maybe we're not necessarily a power couple...but we do run a social media firm, and a family, and share it all on social sites. Sometimes, that gets challenging. Sometimes, that gets nauseating (okay, we don't really need to share everything!). But the point is, you see who we are as a couple, for better or worse, on our social profiles.  Our clients see it too...and so let's hope we continue to get along as well as we do! :)

Is there anyone you'd like to add to the list? Who's your favorite social media power couple? Share your thoughts in the comments below!