Get Some TLC This Valentine's Day... Tweets, Likes, and Check-Ins

By Cara Friedman Everyone loves a little romance in their life, especially around Valentine’s Day. With more and more social networks available at our disposal, romance has become a lot more social. Whether you express your love through Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Groupon, or Quora, social media gives you a way to celebrate. In honor of the world’s most romantic holiday, here are some highlights of love in social media.


Nowadays, you aren't in a serious relationship until you make it "Facebook Official." For this couple, that meant updating their relationship status on Facebook right after saying "I Do." Instead of "you may now kiss the bride," it has become "you may now update your relationship status on Facebook." Is this how your wedding ceremony will be?


What more romantic way to propose than on… Twitter?! Okay, it wouldn’t have been my first preference on ways to get engaged but apparently it is just as effective as getting on one knee to pop the question. I guess the only thing stronger than their love for Twitter is their love for each other.

140 characters are all one needs to express their love. If we are lucky, maybe Max and Emily will be the first to tweet live throughout their ceremony and let the world join in on the festivities.


There’s more than one way to check-in to love on Foursquare. One lucky couple got a special badge made for their wedding. For participating in any of the wedding festivities (ceremony, party, or after-party), guests unlocked the PK / JG (Wedding) Badge. Not only were Paul and Janelle getting married, but they also unlocked a cool badge! That is every Foursquare users' dream...One Foursquare user was about to propose but had one thing he had to do first... Check-in! It makes you wonder what would have happened if she decided to check-in too. The surprise could have easily been ruined! Still, this is a great way to keep your friends and family up to date on the big news!


What better way to express your love for someone else than by going viral! Last year we were all touched by the famous JK Wedding Entrance. It may have been posted just for family and friends but it turned out that their wedding was so cool, the whole world wanted to watch! Others have followed-suit and have been posting their most romantic moments on YouTube for the world to see. Take a look at this fun and creative wedding proposal!


On any other morning most of us check our email to find our daily Groupon sitting in our inbox. On this morning, Dana from Cincinnati found a very special Groupon in her inbox, a marriage proposal. Boyfriend Greg wrote his entire proposal in the Groupon and presented a deal that Dana could not refuse. Seeing as the deal tipped, it looks like Dana said yes!  This was the first ever proposal done by Groupon... Discounts can be so romantic!


Not sure how to impress your significant other? Curious on what to do for Valentine's Day this year? What better way to answer your burning questions than turning to social media! More specifically you can turn to Quora. Quora is a social media site that allows others to post and answer questions to the world. You will find that many people have turned to Quora for love advice. If you are interested in where the best restaurants for Valentine's Day are, or maybe if February 14th is a good day to propose, you can turn to Quora for the answers. Some people just want general dating and relationship advice which Quora also provides. Who knew Q&A could be so loving?

Have you used social media to show your significant other you care? Will you incorporate social media into Valentine's Day this year? Share stories, videos, or pictures with us!