Likeable Becomes Edible!

Today was the last day of Likeable Learing Labs, a 3 day intensive learning session for all the staff at Likeable Media. For the past few days Likeable has been visited by Jeff Pulver, Robb High, David Spinks of Blogdash, Barry Baines of Parature, Eric Schwertzel of Virtue, Andrew Wesley of Involver, and Jim Belosic of Brancraft Inc. This morning, Jim taught the Likeable Core Staff one of his other specialites... PANCAKES! Carrie, Cara and Joanna from the Core team along with Jim (from Jim's Pancakes) made the whole staff some very #likeable social media treats!

Likeable by Jim

Facebook by Cara

Twitter Bird by Joanna

Foursquare by Carrie

YouTube by Cara

Like Button by Jim

What do you think of our social media pancakes? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments!