4 Yummy Apps For The Foodie

By Cara Friedman Back in February, the Likeable team attended multiple events at New York's Social Media Week. Since then, I have been putting what I learned into action. One of the more memorable events for me was "It's Lunchtime, Now What?" There was a panel of foodies representing different apps and companies. As a foodie myself, I have found that some of these apps have been extremely helpful. Here are some awesome apps you cannot live without if you're a true foodie.


Instead of giving you formal reviews and photos provided by the restaurant, Foodspotting takes a more user-heavy approach. Foodspotting is a meant for positive experiences only. Instead of writing a review, you just take a snapshot to show everyone the delicious meal you are eating. It is easy to use and great for seeing what you would be eating!


Another trusted name in the food industry, Yelp has an app just for you! By using your smart phone's GPS capability, this app gets you  information and user reviews for nearby restaurants, bars, and other businesses, so you know what to expect before you eat anywhere. You can even compose short tweet-like reviews if you want to post a quick review on the go.


Bizzy is a great app for recommendations. Help the app get to know your favorite places by answering questions such as, "Where can you find the best bagel in town?" Bizzy will then find other users who like similar places to you that can give you personalized recommendations for where to eat! The people who give you recommendations aren't necessarily your friends. These are people who have the same taste in food as you; AKA your food "soul mates."


Although not on the panel at SMW, you cannot be a true foodie without having the Zagat app. Whether you are looking for restaurants in the area, or looking for reviews, you know Zagat is a name you can trust. The app even allows you to make reservations on the spot! Zagat To Go is available for any smart phone but for a price of $9.99.

Have you tried any of these great apps for foodies? What apps would you add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments!