5 Apps Worth Checking Out For #SXSW

In this week's Watch Me Wednesday Dave tells us five apps worth checking out for South by Southwest (#SXSW).


1) SXSW Go. You can view and build a schedule. It can help you navigate your way around the trade shows. You can see a map of what's happening and how to get there. Plus, it helps you stay connected with the social world.
2) Plan Cast. This app allows you to share your calendar and what events you will be attending with others. You can also find social activities and events so you don't miss out!
3) Hashable. This is a great social way to exchange business cards. It allows for easy intros with those your don't know yet. You can also check in with people to track meetings and calls.
4) Liquid Space. This app provides a mobile workspace. It also has a great scheduling system.
5) Foursquare. This is without a doubt the best location based mobile platform. It helps you share your location with friends. You can also bookmark information about venues you want to attend. Foursquare gives you the tools to obtain, engage, and retain an audience.


What apps will you be using at #SXSW? Share your suggestions in the comments! If you will be attending #SXSW make sure you find Likeable Media and say hi!