5 Innovating Tools In The Social Space

By Clay Darrohn No one can argue that  the social space is moving and developing at the speed of light. You could spend your life on your Twitter feed and still never keep up  with the latest innovators in the social sphere. As the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Likeable Media, I average three meetings a day with the latest and greatest  innovators in the space. Make no mistake about it, the below mentioned tools are either first in their vertical or they have taken their vertical to a new level.


Blurts is an easy-to-use, micro-voice publishing utility for digital, mobile and social media. Blurts lets people use their real voice to infuse emotion, passion, nuance and authenticity into all things digital from websites and blogs to Twitter, Facebook, SMS, emails, photos and more. Blurts are interactive, shareable, trackable and instantly transform static emails, photos and text posts into meaningful rich-media experiences. With the convergence of Web 3.0, social media and the mobile phone, the 21st century marketplace is now a conversation. Blurts is helping to usher in a new era in which consumers, brands, publishers and celebrities have a literal voice in that conversation.


Parature enables organizations to better serve, support, engage with and retain their customers via the Web. Industry-leading, cloud-based Parature Customer Service software provides customer service organizations with a comprehensive, multi-channel way to meet the growing expectations of their customers. Parature for Facebook, the #1 social engagement solution for Facebook, enables you to easily be where your customers are - engage in their conversations and deliver quality support on your company's Facebook page.


Spredfast was created to help companies be great at social media management. Spredfast serves as a primary channel for customer and market communications. Spredfast SCRM  combines listening, publishing, managing and measuring social activity all from one system. The idea of Social CRM became a reality for marketers. Their Social CRM platforms help social media practitioners gain Social Advantage by monitoring, engaging, coordinating and integrating social media with one, robust tool.


Crowdtap is the on-demand network for participation. The self-service platform enables marketers to easily tap insightful and influential crowds of people to involve consumers at all points of the marketing lifecycle. Whether you are looking to tap highly targeted crowds for real-time research, mobilize online advocates or drive measurable word-of-mouth marketing, Crowdtap has an action for that--from polls, to consumer panels, to brand-sponsored parties, to online content sharing.


Wildfire is a one of the most innovative technology companies in the space of social media marketing with thousands of customers. Their online platform enables businesses of all sizes to easily create their own branded promotional campaigns (e.g. sweepstakes, contest, coupon, etc.) and simultaneously publish them to their website and online social-media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Wildfire offers a wide range of solutions that serve different goals, ranging from building fans and followers to eliciting a passionate response from a small community.  Combined with analytical tools such as Social Monitor, Wildfire allows businesses to measure, monitor and competitively benchmark performance for each campaign.

These tools are truly all game changers. They are extremely relevant  in an always changing environment.  The beauty is whether or not these companies are brand new or not, they stay relevant in an ever changing environment. Each company is packed to capacity with some of the best minds of our time.

Have you used any of these tools? What tools are missing from this list? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the following working with Likeable Media.