5 Social Media Resources We Can't Live Without

By Amy Slife As we all know, social media is a medium that’s constantly evolving. And at times, it seems to be changing faster than the daily ebb and flow of the ocean’s tides. The quickly changing nature begs the question, “well, how in the world do I keep up with something that's always developing.” You’re in luck, because today we’re covering five of our favorite resources that will like to use to keep up on the latest news in the world of social media.

  • Mashable: Running the gamut of media topics from social, to digital, to tech and web news, Mashable is probably one of the most useful technology news sources. With a specifically social section, they cover the latest news and frequently provide examples and commentary of how brands are utilizing certain aspects of Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Their daily emails are a great way to get the top stories in social right in your inbox every morning and of course, you can follow their stories on Twitter too.
  • All Facebook: When it comes to specific networks, All Facebook is a great source for everything Facebook related. From how to posts, to cool integrations and promotions, to news on updates,to page management for brands and the user there’s always a plethora of Facebook-centric pieces to read on All Facebook. Also offering a daily email, there’s no excuse to miss out on the day’s top Facebook stories.
  • Facebook Pages: Facebook itself offers a Page for brands and users to keep up with what’s going on with Facebook Pages. Regularly breaking news via the Wall about updates to the Pages platform, this source is a must Like. Facebook Pages also provides a pretty stellar Resources tab with tips and links for building a presence, engaging your audience and best practices. The Facebook Live tab is another key place to check out on the Facebook Pages page. From interviews, to education and demos this is a great place to watch when big updates, like the upgrade to Brand Pages, break.
  • Inside Facebook: Another Facebook-centric social media resource is Inside Facebook. It provides great insight and info for both marketers and developers. The more developer focused pieces cover items from platform updates to iFrames and applications. On the marketer end of the spectrum, Inside Facebook is a great place to see what other brands are doing on Facebook as they feature Facebook campaigns. They also cover the fastest growing apps and more general, but always important, platform update stories as well. With a Twitter handle and an e-newsletter, there’s no reason to miss out.
  • Twitter Blog: Last, but certainly not least, Twitter’s official blog provides a great way for those utilizing Twitter, and those even remotely interested in the on goings of the 140-character platform, to stay up on the latest Twitter news. Whether it’s regarding updates on their applications for iPhone or Android, or covering news on the record breaking number of people who watched the Super Bowl and the ties to the setting a new Twitter record, Twitter’s blog is a great place to gather tips on using the platform and catch the latest news, releases and service updates from the company.

These are just five of the great social media resources out there. Do you have any favorites for staying up to date on the latest social media news? Share your thoughts in the comments!