Bravo to @BravoTV! Doing Social Media Right Without Focusing On Facebook

By Cara Friedman Many businesses attempt to integrate social media into their marketing plans. None do it quite as well as Bravo Television Network. While some businesses fear social media and how it will affect their business, Bravo TV embraces it. Bravo is known for having many (addicting) reality shows such as Top Chef, the Real Housewives franchise, Millionaire Matchmaker, and many more. The most interesting part about Bravo's social media campaign is their very limited use of Facebook. Most companies rely on Facebook as a crutch in their social media marketing campaigns. Bravo however, relies on other outlets. Companies can definitely learn a thing or two from Bravo TV and here are some of the ways they are doing it right:

Tweet Tracker

On the Bravo TV website you will find a featured app called the Tweet Tracker. The Tweet Tracker lets you see real time tweets about all your favorite Bravo shows, characters, and more. This app is not only visually appealing and easy to navigate, but is also really creative. It is using Twitter in a unique way and bringing followers to the website. Instead of just tweeting about your favorite shows, now you get the chance to be featured on Bravo's website.

Watch What Happens Live!

Bravo TV's late night talk show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, is in its second season. Andy Cohen, a Bravo producer, hosts the show and dishes about all the things going on in pop culture and Bravo. Andy's guests range from Kelly Rippa and Jerry Seinfeld to Bravolebrities such as ladies from the Real Housewives and contestants from Top Chef.. The most important thing about this show is the social media integration. Andy reads live tweets and answers questions from followers LIVE on his show. Andy uses Skype to interview celebrities and he answers texts from them too. Overall, the show should really be called Let's Get Social with Andy Cohen.

Foursquare Badges

There aren't many brands out there that have invested as much in Foursquare as Bravo has. Bravo was one of the first business to jump on the Foursquare bandwagon. By following Bravo TV on Foursquare, you can earn not one, not two, but over seven different badges! Not only that, but Bravo is constantly adding new badges as they gain new shows. Bravo has also left tips all over New York and California, and even popular cities like Atlanta, Miami, and D.C. (Real Housewives locations). If you are really a Bravo fan, you may have the chance to get the coveted Andy Cohen badge. How to get this badge is still unclear but it most likely involves you checking in to various pre-determined Bravo hot spots. Bravo does a great job in enticing new users to follow them on Foursquare as well as keeping their old followers still interested!

Reality Blogging

With so many people on the Bravo payroll, it is easy to find a slew of bloggers. Every reality show on Bravo has a number of characters blogging about the show afterward. The Bravolebrities give their recap of the show from the night before. The cast mate gets a chance to tell their side of the story, and the viewer gets an even more personal look into the Bravo show. Sounds like a win/win for Bravo! Just another way Bravo keeps it social without having to rely on a Facebook page.

Tweet Battles

Not only can you track all the tweets being posted about Bravo, but now you can debate them too! Bravo has another app featured on their website called Tweet Battles. The way it works is that one follower submits their tweet about a particular show. Then another Bravo follower tweets their opposition to that tweet. The battle winner is chosen by users getting to vote for which post they like better. This use of Twitter is very unique and also drives more traffic to their website.

These are just five examples of ways Bravo TV is using social media in their marketing campaign. On top of all this they tweet with relevant hashtags, connect with Bravolebrities on Twitter, @reply their fans, and more. Bravo is a great example of a company that has a widely successful social media campaign without having Facebook as the main component.  Bravo TV is using Twitter in new ways, is on the cutting edge by using Foursquare, and is the first late night talk show to rely so heavily on social media. Bravo, Bravo TV! Keep up the great social media strategy!

Could you be using sites other than Facebook more creatively? What has Bravo TV taught you about how to run a social media campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments!