3 Aspects of Social Media Publishers Need to Consider

In today’s Watch Me Wednesday video, Dave comes to us live from Harper Collins! Dave discusses social media for publishing and how people in publishing can utilize aspects of social media platforms successfully. Some people say that publishing is in trouble, but with the use of social media there could be massive opportunity.  Here is a list of his top three pieces of advice:

1) Listen: Listening to book buyers, readers, and authors will help you to better find out what everyone is looking for and how you can deliver that to them.
2) Be Agile: You need to respond quickly to the changes and new needs which are brought into marketing by exercising every part of social media.
3) Be Responsive: Responding to your comments, saying thank you, and apologizing when necessary will help to bring your core readers back for more.

What do you think about these tips? Do you have any more advise to publishers looking to get into social media?