5 Ways to Follow the #RoyalWedding

By Amy Slife The impending nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton are just around the corner! The buzz around the royal wedding is huge and one study found that it’s mentioned online every 10 seconds. Many big brands are even offering their own royal wedding themed goodies. For these reasons, we figured it was prime time to highlight 5 ways to follow the royal wedding in the social media world.

  1. British Monarchy Facebook Page: All of the royal wedding enthusiasts out there can join the current fan base of 353,194 Likers on the British Monarchy page to gain access to all of the official royal wedding content. Fans can leave wedding wishes for the happy couple and an interactive map even lets users see where wishes are being shared around the globe.
  2. The Royal Channel: The Official YouTube Channel of the British Monarchy has all sorts of content for the most passionate royal wedding fanatic. The page includes a clock counting down to the start of the wedding, which they’ll be streaming live on the channel. The page also includes a map showing the wedding procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, and a wedding book where users can sign their well wishes and upload a video to send a message to the couple.
  3. British Monarchy Flickr Stream: The stream contains a plethora of photos of the wedding preparations. From choir rehearsals, to the cake designer and the official royal wedding commemorative china. This is the place to catch some pre-wedding prep pictures and post wedding snapshots.
  4. Windsor Knot on Today: The Windsor Knot by TODAY.com blog highlights a large amount of stories and snippets of interest. The site covers rumors such as possible wedding reception performances from Beyonce and Jay-Z, the walk Kate will take down the red carpet in Westminster Abbey and other traditions.
  5. Twitter: If you’re looking for your royal wedding news and updates in short snippets, then Twitter is your go to source. From news organizations like CNN and BBC with their own royal wedding focused Twitter handles, @RoyalWeddingCNN and @BBCRoyalWedding respectively, to @ClarenceHouse, also known as the official residence of the Prince of Wales, you can catch the latest news. Don’t forget you can also follow royal wedding mentions across the Twitterverse with the hashtags #royalwedding and #rw2011.

Creating the most digital and interactive coverage of a royal wedding to date, social media is bringing a very traditional occasion into the 21st century and allowing more people to participate and take part in the action than ever before.

Have you been keeping up with the royal wedding buzz? What are your social media tools of choice for doing so? Share in the comments below!