7 Brands to Follow on Foursquare

By Megan McMahon Did you know that there are over 135 pages of brands to follow on foursquare? It's once in a blue moon that I actually go to foursquare.com instead of just using the app on my phone and yesterday while perusing the site I decided to check out what new cool brands I could follow. Enter 135+ pages of clicking "follow." So what's the big deal about following brands on foursquare? Badges, tips, and other cool offers. If you're like me (a foursquare enthusiast) you're going to take the time to click through those 135+ pages to follow every brand just so you're not missing out on anything. But for the foursquare user that's not as obsessed as me, or that just doesn't feel like taking the time to follow tons of brands, here 7 awesome brands (in no particular order) that you should be following if you're not already:

1. NASA When we were little, I'm sure at one point we all wanted to be an astronaut. Well now NASA gives you the opportunity to acquire the “NASA Explorer" badge (inspired by Doug Wheelock’s first check-in from space) to make you FEEL like you've been to the moon and back. You can only acquire the badge by following NASA and checking into designated NASA locations.

2. Supermodelme As of right now, the badges that are offered by following Supermodelme and checking into places relevant to the show are only available in Singapore BUT chances are they will be available in the US and elsewhere soon so follow them now. Why? The badges are really cool (SuperConnected & SuperStyle) and whether you're in to fashion or not, you won't want to not have these snazzy badges.

3. Whitney Museum This is a little bit NYC centric but the value from following the Whitney Museum is like no other. Not only is there a badge for avid museum goers you can get admission tickets for $5 reduced down from the usual $18 when you unlock the badge from now until the end of May!

4. New York Public Library Also NYC centric (sorry non-NYC readers, come visit sometime!), the New York Public Library has stepped up it's social media game on all fronts, including foursquare. Follow the Library and check-in for a cool badge (complete with a complimentary one-year Foursquare Friends Membership) and awesome tips.

5. PUMA Just last Friday the foursquare blog announced that PUMA will be sponsoring 3 sweet new badges. It's part of PUMA's Get Social initiative and the uniqueness of these 3 new badges are now the badges that I most want to unlock. But just remember, the only way to get them is to follow PUMA!

6. Ellen Ellen was one of the brands out of the 135+ pages that I just followed yesterday and low and behold about an hour later, I checked in and got her badge! For the Ellen enthusiast, following her shouldn’t even be a question: you’ll get to learn about her favorite places all around the world and sport her badge.

7. BBC America I don’t even like rugby but when I checked into a bar one night and randomly unlocked the BBC America Rugby Badge, I was super excited. If it weren’t for BBC America I really would have never known that one of my favorite local NYC bars is a rugby institution. Follow BBC America if you love rugby or even if don’t and just want the badge.

What are your favorite brands to follow on foursquare? Did I miss any that give out cool badges and tips? Let me know in the comments!