Are You Really YOU On Social Media?

By Carrie Kerpen There I was. It was 5:30AM. I was up because my mother is running a fever, and was incredibly weak-- since she's currently undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer, and dealing with that in conjunction with Multiple Sclerosis. All that, of course, is taking place just a few months after her husband (my daddy) passed away. Of course, most of you don't know this. Why? Because I don't really talk very much about it on social media sites. Oh, you'll see the occasional cryptic tweet about 'life being short", or "cherishing the moment"...and you may even see a check-in at a hospital or two, but generally, I don't share too much of my personal struggles on social media sites.

Many Facebook-averse people that I meet tell me that the reason they don't "do" social media is that people they know "overshare". They don't want to know that their friend just went to the dentist, or what their cousin is having for lunch. Although I am a heavy user of social media, I tend to fall into the category of an oversharing judger-- and I haven't really shared my recent trials for fear of sounding like a sad sack. But then, at 5:30 in the morning, I was looking at my tweetstream, and I came across @kristacolvin. Krista was tweeting about her hysterectomy, even using the hashtag #hysterectomy as she wrote about how she was feeling. Her tweetstream was filled with well wishers. I have followed Krista, but really havent interacted much with her. I checked out her bio:
Krista's tweets have inspired me to share a little but more about my world with the social media world. I still probably won't share every little detail of my existence, but I think that social media allows a greater support system for everyone. Hugs are hugs, whether they are virtual or in person. And couldn't we all use a little more support?


I know there are a lot of feelings around how much to share on social media. And so, I ask you, how real are YOU on social media? Do you share your real self, just fluff, straight news, or somewhere in between? Share below!