Facebook Studio: The Ultimate Resource for Marketers on Facebook

By Jenna Lebel

Facebook Studio launched last week. The website was launched to highlight and celebrate the many innovative ways in which agencies and brands are fostering connections and building long-term relationships with people on Facebook. Facebook wanted to recognize the ways that the marketing community is using Facebook to drive business results. 

There really are several benefits for marketers including the following:

Share Your Work

When the biggest social media network recognizes the most creative, innovative, and effective work using one of its products, it’s a big deal. From display ads, to photo tagging contests, to in-store Deals campaigns, if it was created using Facebook and it pushes the boundaries of creativity, you can share it. Not surprisingly, the site itself is very social complete with like, share and commenting functionality which will ultimately lead to great exposure for your agency and brand. To submit your work, click here.

Find Inspiration

The site allows users to browse a collection of work from marketers around the world that represents some of the best work on Facebook. Get inspired, spur new ideas or use as thought-starters to fully unlock the power of Facebook.

Get Educated

Facebook also included extensive educational material within the site like product updates, videos and documentation so that you have the latest information and resources at your fingertips. Through the “What’s New” and “Learning Lab” sections, marketers can stay up to date on unique opportunities to leverage Facebook to drive results for their business.

Build Recognition

Facebook Studio is an evolving gallery of work. You can continue to build recognition for your agency or brand by submitting new work to the site and getting featured in the spotlight. Ultimately, every case study submission has the chance to win a Facebook Award (see details below)! So agencies have the opportunity to be named one of the top marketers on Facebook.

So What’s the Deal with the Awards?

Facebook is honoring the best creative masterpieces utilizing their platform for the first-ever Facebook Awards. According to Facebook, they created this award “to recognize the marketers and brands that are pioneering innovative ideas using Facebook marketing tools and redefining what social creativity can be.” Facebook is still working to define the categories for the awards, but is looking for: creativity, innovative use of Facebook, integration with other forms of media and a holistic use of Facebook offerings. All accepted submissions are featured in the Gallery section of the site to start. High quality entries that receive a considerable amount of Likes are then promoted to the Spotlight. All of the showcased work in the Spotlight is then reviewed by a judging panel. Facebook summarizes it as such, “Great work and Likes lead to the Spotlight, which leads to judging…and awards!” The details about the timelines and judging panel are still to be determined at this point. In the meantime, submit your work and start collecting Likes.

Facebook invited a handful of brands and agencies (including Likeable!) to submit work prior to the launch of the site so that there would be a collection of work featured when the site went live. We submitted 14 different case studies and 7 were selected for the launch.

Our featured work (so far) includes:

Stride Rite: Stride Rite’s “Moments Book” application on Facebook allowed moms to connect with the brand during every milestone in their children’s lives. By creating the world’s largest crowdsourced scrapbook, moms from around the globe could contribute to a virtual baby book that captured key moments in their family life, connected by one common thread: Stride Rite. Click here to view the full case study and results.

Ritani: In their “Reluctant Groom-to-be Contest” hosted on Facebook, Ritani gave away a diamond engagement ring to the guy that needed an extra little push either self-nominated or nominated by his friends. We had such a great response to the contest that we extended the entry period and awarded additional engagement rings. Click here to view the full case study and results.

Uno Chicago Grill: Uno Chicago Grill leveraged Facebook to support its rebranding efforts. As part of that rebranding, they launched “The World’s Greatest Pizza Contest” through a custom application on Facebook built by Likeable. Through a few clicks of a button, fans could craft their own pizza creation. Fans voted for their favorite pizza in 5 categories and the head Chef at Uno even weighed in to pick a few winners of his own. Prizes included free pizza for a year for 5 fans and 3 fans had their pizza masterpieces featured on the Uno menu! Click here to view the full case study and results.

Cumberland Farms Chill Zone: The “Mix Up Yours” campaign for Cumberland Farms grew and activated enthusiastic fans on Facebook around Chill Zone, their frozen beverage and soda product. Rallying their community to reach a fan milestone, Cumberland Farms rewarded their lobbying fans with a Free Chill Zone Day which lead to an increase in sales for the regional convenience store. Click here to view the full case study and results.

Boston SexED: When the Boston Public Health Commission was looking to help prevent the spread of STDs for Boston teenagers they knew they could create a hub for teens on Facebook, but that it couldn’t be preachy. We took a teen peer leadership group, organized with the BPHC, and educated them on how to run a Facebook presence. From training to execution, these teens answered anonymous questions submitted through an “honesty box,” and created content that reflected the language of the audience in an authentic way. Click here to view the full case study and results.

The Pampered Chef: The Pampered Chef launched their Facebook Page for their brand on July 15, 2010. Their goal was 50,000 Likes in 6 months. They hit 50,000 Likes just 10 days after launch without a Facebook ad spend. They continued to see an astronomical amount of organic growth as well as record-breaking growth from a small Facebook ad spend (averaging as low as $0.06 per new Like). Click here to view the full case study and results.

OurJewishComminity.org: In a world where religious affiliation rates are dropping significantly and fast-paced lifestyles lend to decreased foot traffic in brick and mortar institutions, Our Jewish Community was designed to speak to Jews who may not have found a home in traditional institutions for a variety of reasons. Through Facebook, OurJewishCommunity.org has launched modern day versions of the traditional Jewish experience. Passover seders, Shabbat services, Hanukkah candle lightings, and High Holidays are all broadcast live for the entire world. Click here to view the full case study and results.

We encourage you to browse our case studies (and give us a Like if you find our work truly LIKEABLE), as well as the many great case studies from other agencies and brands. While you’re there, get inspired, get educated and ultimately get recognized for your own great work.

Have you checked out Facebook Studio? Share your favorite case study with us in the comments below!