#PlayBall! @MLB Players Who are Rocking Twitter

By Megan McMahon

America’s favorite pastime is back in action! As a baseball and social media fanatic, nothing is better than seeing my favorite MLB players active on social networks, specifically Twitter. There are some players on Twitter who are hitting the ball out of the park when it comes to being responsive to fans and actively tweeting on a daily basis. Below is my team of All-Star Tweeters (in no particular order), followed by a list of one player on every MLB team that you can follow to keep up to date on your favorite team’s action. Without further ado, let’s play ball!

1. @NickSwisher: Obviously the Yankees’ outfielder has set the bar high for tweeters in the MLB. With a following of over 1 million, Nick Swisher is undoubtedly one of the most popular MLB tweeters and whether you like the Yankees or not, you have to admit that Nick is a pretty likeable dude.

2. @DAVIDprice14: David Price keeps it real for the Rays by tweeting words of encouragement to the fans as well as being super responsive to his fans who tweet to him. After the Rays' fans debacle last year, more Rays players should be active on Twitter and conversational to their “faithfuls”…but kudos to Price for being a consistent and friendly Tweeter.

3. @ChrisPerez54: After doing some research on the Indians' players who are tweeting, I was expecting to come across a plethora due to their innovative social media suite in the stadium. However, I really only found that Chris Perez is their most vocal tweeter. Granted, he is REALLY vocal; I think that there was one day in the past week or so where he tweeted back to EVERY @reply he received. Impressive.

4. @mcuddy5: I’m sort of biased here because I’ve been a Michael Cuddyer fan since his AA days in New Britain, CT, but in all honesty he is a fairly awesome tweeter. Cuddyer’s tweet stream is filled with @replies to fans and tweets & RTs about things on and off the field, which really brings out his personality and to me positions him as a leader for the Twins.

5. @toriihunter48: Oddly enough, my story about @mcuddy5 is the same for Torii Hunter. I’ve loved Hunter’s personality and baseball style since the 90s when I was watching him play AA ball. His style on the field resignates through his tweets, consistently shouting out to fans and showing his passion for the game.

6. @str8edgeracer: CJ Wilson has been my favorite MLB tweeter since the middle of last season when it was obvious that the Rangers were going to be a force to be reckoned with in the 2010 post-season. He creates conversation with fans, uses amazing hashtags, and even has a public Tumblr. Wilson uses Twitter to promote the Rangers as well as his personal brand and is really, really good at it.

7. @LoMoMarlins: In his Twitter bio it says, “Twittaholic” and really that just about says it all about this Marlins player. Logan Morrison is literally always on my Twitter stream but lucky for him, he has an excellent sense of humor and his tweets are thoroughly entertaining. Between calling out fans who hate on him and shouting out to fans who love him, Morrison wins at tweeting.

8. @mrLeCure: The Reds right handed pitcher caught my eye with his tweets that mix in things regarding the Reds, awesome shoutouts to fans, and the love for his family. More recently Sam LeCure tweeted a photo of his young niece right after he tweeted about a tough loss. LeCure displays a level of transparency that all MLB players and athletes should strive to live up to.

9. @SimplyAJ10: The Orioles are hot on the field and so is Adam Jones in Twitterland. #10 on the Birds makes an effort to respond to the Baltimore fans and exudes his passion for his team by sending out motivational tweets to get his followers excited. Just as his bio describes, Jones is REAL on Twitter and really that’s all it takes to be a tweeting All-Star.

Finally, here is a player from each MLB team that you can follow to hone in on your team from a tweeting player’s point of view:

@Orioles: @SimplyAJ10 @RedSox: @JLester31 @Yankees: @NickSwisher @RaysBaseball: @DAVIDprice14 @BlueJays: @jparencibia9

@WhiteSox: @ESPY_TEAHEN @Indians: @ChrisPerez54 @Tigers: @willrhymes @Royals: @BillyButlerKC @Twins: @mcuddy5

@Angels: @toriihunter48 @Athletics: @Coco_Crisp @Mariners: @shawnkelley23 @Rangers: @str8edgeracer

@Braves: @JasonHeyward @Marlins: @LoMoMarlins @Mets: @josh_thole @Phillies: @TheHamels @Nationals: @bharp34

@Cubs: @DempsterFDN @Reds: @mrLeCure @Astros: @HunterPence9 @Brewers: @JohnAxford @Pirates: @Maholm28 @stlCardinals: @jonjayU

@dbacks: @BarryEnright54 @Rockies: @DFowler24 @Dodgers: @deegordon @SDPadres: @CamMaybin @SFGiants: @BrianWilson38

Did your favorite MLB tweeter make my All-Star team list? Who are your favorite MLB players or athletes to follow on Twitter? Let me know in the comments!