Who Should Convert Their Facebook Profile To A Page & How To Do It

By Cara Friedman

Hours ago, Facebook has given profiles the option to convert their profiles into pages. This can be a blessing or a curse. In all the excitement of new Facebook changes, people tend to jump on the bandwagon without thinking through whether it is actually useful for them. This change is a beneficial for some and possibly detrimental for others. The question is, who should be using this new feature?



Many businesses have made the mistake o f created a Facebook profile instead of a Facebook p age. Everyone at Likeable cringes when they r eceive friend requests from companies, or even worse, group requests. But what if you made a profile, took the effort to friend a bunch of people, and established a decent following? You're thinking, "It is too late now to create a page because then I will lose all the friends I worked so hard to get"—not anymore!

When you convert your profile to a page, all your friends now become 'likes' on your page. Althou gh you will lose a lot of information (including images, posts, etc), nothing is more valuable than being able to maintain your fans. The only things that will migrate over will be your profile pictures and your friend s. Facebook is giving you a secon d chance to market your business right and take advantage of all the capabil ities pages have to offer.


It is not uncommon for someone to want to brand themselves. Celebrities, authors, and more all have reason to create their own Facebook pages. However, converting your page is not the way to do. Even though the feature has only been available for a limited time, I have already read multiple horror stories of what can happen if you convert your individual profile to a page. Most people ha ve their lives on Facebook. Pictures, games, vanity URL and more will all be lost once you migrate. Facebook even warns you that this feature is not meant for individuals. If you want to create a Facebook page to brand yourself, the best way to go about it is to start from scratch. Although starting off a page with 500 likers would be nice, your personal profile will be lost forever.

How To Do It

So you’ve decided to take the jump and convert your profile to a page… now what?! It is actually pretty simple. First you have to go to the migration page. From there, choose what category most accurately represents your business (store, author, product, etc.). Type in the prompted information and you're done! As a recommendation, before converting from profile to page, take advantage of Facebook data portability feature. If you still have questions about making the switch, check out Facebook's help site.

Have you made the switch? Do you plan to? Share your thoughts in the comments below!